Live. Enjoy. Appreciate

2014 has been an interesting year

Done. and Gone :D

Happy Holidays!

VLOG - 2014-2015 Hmong New Year in Milwaukee, WI


Relationships, call it Magic

Blog VS Vlog Vs Make up

BTW: Dear Love

Dear Love,

What were my blogging fears?

Geeky Story

What am I Jamming to?

Wildest Dreams

Selling Hmong Scarves

Stay Tune

Thanksgiving: Thank you, Nam has Txiv

MN Hmong New Year

Trial and Error


What's your take on English Language Leaners (ELL)?

Just 2 minute of your time

Mother’s job at Goodwill

4 Lessons From Guitar

Blank Space

4,000 Tumblr Posts!


Just wondering

I could walk out, but I won't

Be careful for what you wish for

Great Achievements Involve Great Risk