Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Notting Hill Movie Response

This song literally gave me the butterflies. I remember watching the music video at midnight, at our second house. The MV is really colorful. Shania’s a great singer too. Anyway, I saw the movie scenes and I knew it was for the movie Notting Hill, but I never made time to watch it. When I have a feeling a movie is good, I like to put it off, as if I have to be ready for the movie or something. I just like to watch a good movie with my full attention, with captions. The movie was finally on Netflix, so I decided to give it a shot.

The movie was really sweet. Had I watched it back in 1999, I wouldn’t have understood it. I felt like I was Hugh Grant throughout the whole movie; nice, played and fooled. Most importantly, patient and a one-of-a-kind loyalty commitment, where you continue your life, but that one person was always on your mind, no matter who you talked to or how many people you met. It’s almost like your heart was saved for them, oh wait, it is. I mean, have you met someone and even though there wasn’t an instant communication or connection, you just kind of secretly told yourself that person was the one? One sided, unfortunately.

It was a sweet movie and all. I really like how their eyes sparkle, metaphorically. But it was not fair :( Hugh Grant was a simple bookstore owner. Julia Roberts was a famous celebrity. The movie begins with her walking into his shop. He’s shocked, even offered her a free book when she paid for her books. Meanwhile, he didn’t let an earlier customer sneak away with one. Then she left the store. He left to get orange juice, and bumped into her with the juice. This caused him to feel bad and invited her to his house, which was nearby, to wash herself and change. She went to his house, changed, and did something really bad to him before she left. She kissed him and not only was he starstruck, he fell in love! I felt his butterflies, is this real life? It was supposed to be an accident, but she called him the day after to tell him where she was. But for what? What does she want to do? Why is she doing this to him? Why is she hurting him??? He went to the place she was at and pretended to be an interviewer to gain access to talk to her. After the interview, she tells him that she pretty much cancelled all her plans for the night. Of course, he took the opportunity immediately to hang out with her. Oh gosh, he was such a sweet gentleman :D. oh, my heart. She was his date for his sister’s birthday. She fit in with everyone fine. Party was over and he walked her back to her hotel. Got to the front of the hotel, she invites him in; not only once, but twice!!!! Gosh girl, quit leading him on, you’re breaking my heart. She headed to her room first while he waited five minutes. When time was up, he headed upstairs to see her. She opened the door halfway and tells him, “I can’t talk right now.” He was so confused, but tried to understand. She finally confessed that her boyfriend from America flew in. :OOOO His heart dropped, so did mine. The boyfriend mistaken Hugh for a bell boy and ordered room service. All Julia did was apologized, Ooops. Sorry dude. Really?! So he continued with his life; it was too good to be true anyway. He tried talking to other girls, but only she had his heart, so he didn’t commit to anyone.

One day, she finally came back. She ran away from the press and paparazzi and needed a place to hide. Hugh was the best candidate to get the job done. She spent time with him, even made him fall for her again, but it’s not again for Hugh’s case because it was always her. He treats her really nice, catered to her, helped her with her lines, cooked, and made her laugh. The next day, the paparazzi showed up at his apartment. Instead of appreciating Hugh’s hideaway, she accused Hugh’s roommate of selling information of her whereabouts. She got mad and furious, she left. But right before this fast incident happened that morning, she was was very happy. She even had the audacity to ask him if she could stay longer. He responded the sweetest thing, “Stay forever.” AHHH TT_________TT Anyway, paparazzi came, she got mad and left. Meanwhile, Hugh was calmed the whole time; he told her not to worry. But she was too worried about what the press would write, so she called her PR agent and left immediately. Hugh was heartbroken, again. Seriously? AGAIN. AGAIN!!! Like the first time, he didn’t really move on. He found things to occupy himself, but he never really moved on. Life continued. Finally, when he met her for the third time, he saw her true colors. When asked who he was when he showed up at her movie set, Julia dismissed him as a nobody. He was so hurt, again. He left the scene and made the decision to throw her out of his life for good. The following day, she showed up at his bookstore with a special delivery for him. Before she left back to America, she asked him for one last thing, “...See if you can like me, again?”v Oh gosh, screw you Julia! How dare you?! You screwed Hugh and you left him, twice! Stop hurting the man!

:D Watch to find out how Hugh responded.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

My blog doesn't have a mask

Yerisawesome got me currently listening to this :D
Alan Moore — 'People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.'

That was used in V for Vendetta. It was a great movie about the people and their government. There were many great words, but I want you to watch the movie to hear it from the characters, to feel the words, to feel the emotion. Speaking of ‘feel’, it was very funny that the detective went toward that direction as the movie unfolded. When asked why he believed what he believed by the chancellor, Adam Sutler, at the end, he responded, “It was a feeling.”

V’s masked resonated with my own Facebook account, which many of us can also relate to. It was interesting how he presented his ‘masked’ identity to different people, just the same way we have a different personality or tone to different people:

To Evey, played by Natalie Portman: Evey, please. There is a face beneath this mask but it's not me. I'm no more that face than I am the muscles beneath it or the bones beneath them.

When he said this to Evey, he presented himself as a nobody. However, he made sure it was clear of who he was and what he stood for when it was people who did him wrong.

To Creedy: Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.

Let me quote again, “Ideas are bulletproof.” This was super awesome and total pun intended. When V said that, Mr. Creed had a group of about eight ‘police officers’ surround him, and of course, threatened V that they will shoot him with their guns. V responded, “Now, what you have are *bullets*, and the hopes that when your guns are empty, I'm no longer standing, because if I am... you'll all be dead before you'll reloaded.” Super awesome! Go watch it already :D

Many people know my facebook name as something completely different. If my profile photo wasn’t me, no one would know it was me. The easy and honest response when I was often asked was, “You should never use any real information on the internet to begin with.” I do it for privacy reasons, ahem, so much for privacy, it’s the web. But the story behind my facebook account is that, it’s not a place for me to be taken serious or take others serious. If it takes you 3 seconds to like or comment, it’s not worth my time to gather a counter argument :D. Sometimes, I just agree and wait for the day we’ll be on the same page, you know, there’s more to life than convincing you at a time you’re not ready. I was on a private Hmong Debate group page for about a week. To begin with, I’m at fault for only investing in a short time to read some of the arguments before I left. Many of them were not organized, taken wayyy too literal instead of bigger concept/ideas, and also without support, theories, and examples. There was nothing wrong with their approach to a debate; I was simply the one in the wrong place. I chose to leave than to demand that they organize their arguments in my preference, which would've lead to a debate, hence the group page name :P pun intended. If one wants to really convince me or prove a point, I prefer to read an organized and written statement, not a 3 second comment. I've gone through this process myself and I appreciate all the theories ever written, even if they were not aligned with my views.

I also didn’t want to use my real name because I didn’t want people looking me up so easily. Another reason was because if I responded to anything on Facebook, I didn’t want my name to give away any information on me (gender, ethnicity, status, etc.), so my comments will be perceive as one with a neutral mind, speaking from a neutral point.

I’m confuse, what do you mean?

People comment on things throughout Facebook posts. Sometimes, it’s outside of the Facebook posts. Our Facebook account can be linked into almost any site now, in order for us to comment. If you’ve been following the news on Sao Lue Vang, you’ll see in the comment sections of the people that commented on it. If you read their Facebook name, many of the names are common Hmong names, which could lead to an assumed conclusion that anyone with a Hmong name is bias. I know, it's juxxxx luv, Hmoob Yuavtsum Hlub Hmoob, and vice versa for non-Hmong in non-Hmong cases.

But aren’t you making a statement with the name you chose on Facebook too?

I felt my Facebook name was neutral, universal, and positive. It wasn’t religious. It wasn’t political. Lastly, I shared the mission of the name, to be the “good guy,” in my case, a woman, to fight for fairness and equality. I had spent so much time on research to write statements that was read about once, and then will be gone with the photo through delete, replace, or new posts. Those short Facebook comment arguments/debates didn’t get anywhere, so I made the switch to blog them. I found myself repeating the same thing over and over again. I decided to blog, so I can reference people to read an organized opinion.

For this blog, I used my real name. I did that because I knew this was a place I felt confident and comfortable to express myself. It was a place trolls wouldn't dare to enter :D. This was a place I knew no one could ‘like’ and continue their day. This was a place that one would have to read from beginning to end (theoretically) before they write their 3 second comment. To me, that shows appreciation, even if they don’t agree, and that one has taken their time to see all that I have to say before responding. Therefore, I will take the time to see where they’re coming from. This is a page that has value and meaning to me.

I leave you with V’s well said and organized speech:

If you're really in for an adventure, I'll let you make the decision to click this to see how many V you hear in this V Speech. I want to create a typography video sometime this year.

Long post today, but I hope you know what kind of mask you have on :P oooOOooOH!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Press 4 for Hmong

I haven't wrote any deep entries because I've been frustrated lately...and this video explains why.
My week started out with bad customer service to my dad on Monday. He called a service for him and asked for a Hmong interpreter. The representative had the audacity (must be my new favorite word) to respond, "Sir, you need a Chinese interpreter?" My dad clearly said Hmong, and she acted like she has never heard of the word. To make things even worse, their phone system offers an operator number that should take you to a Hmong interpreter, "Press the #4 for Hmong." Yet, my dad got redirected to a non-Hmong speaker that made this process even more complicated. After speaking to that same lady who got an interpreter, I talked to her supervisor. I demanded that the supervisor go back and listen to the conversation, to hear why my dad ever mentioned the word Chinese by accident or not. And if he did, I would like a copy myself to help my dad with his communication. a;dlfja;dfjajlflj!!!! smhhhhhh!!!! Not happy. This is the kind of things that angers me; not your usual, my boyfriend hasn't called me for 2 hours. That's insecure problems and I am passed that. I have bigger concerns for the world, like the Sao Lue Vang case I'll be attending this coming Tuesday.

This week was a lot of learning. We had a three day "conference," and I put that in quotation marks because it was basically one, but not official. The main participants were the elderly, 55+. Even though school was cancelled twice this week, we didn't cancel our event, and I quote the director, "Even though Wausau Schools are closed tomorrow, "Good Ideas" will run on Wednesday. Our students don't have to wait outside for a bus. And they are tough!"

This week I also worked on decreasing my phone use in the car. I don't care much for New Year resolutions; resolutions are for losers. This video speaks for me :D I'm improving my life for the better. Every time I touched the phone, I reminded myself of the goal. I'll keep it short and continue watching the movie V For Vendetta (2005). With just 15 minutes in, there were many great words. This should help me connect better with the injustice of the Sao Lue Vang case. I already made a "YOU SHOULD GO TO THE TRIAL" list that I'll post and maybe even vlog it later to promote for more activism :D. Times like this needs a lot of support to send a strong voice and message.

-Cua :D!
currently reading

What was done to me created me. It's a basic principle of the Universe that every action will create an equal and opposing reaction. - V for Vendetta 
There is a face beneath this mask but it's not me. I'm no more that face than I am the muscles beneath it or the bones beneath them. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Why does it take me so long to edit???

The reason why it takes me longer than usual to edit videos is because I listen to 30 of them before I decide on one. This is what I mean.
Bc I wanted to feature a Hmong artist
Because I like this song ATM
But this one was the best fit for the 'public'. If you go to my actual channel, you won't see the first two videos, and they can only be seen through this post, because they're unlisted.

Having the right song/sound is so important. I can write and act (apparently, not), but if the sound isn't right, the message won't get across. Think about those scary, romantic, funny, thrilling, and so on movies. The reason any of them have any lasting impact on you was because of THAT ONE song. That is a level I hope to reach in this filming journey. Keep it short today :D.

How did each of the songs affect/change your view of the video?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I wish everyone great health, wealth, and happiness for this coming year. 

Whatever dreams you've been waiting to work on, work on it. I wished I would've started sooner, like back in high school. The sooner you start, the closer you'll get. If there's anything you'll gain through this decision, it is learning about your own strengths and weaknesses, how you get along with the world, and lots of self acceptance. Most importantly, something that's yours to come back to. I hope all of these will lead you to happiness no matter what your status, gender, income, and etc. situation you may be in.

Thank you for being a part of my web life during the last part of 2014. Here are some 'stats' just in case anyone's curious of my progress. I'm not dieing for numbers, but I was aiming to reach a bigger audience through my stories, message, happiness, and so on. I know I've neglected my communication with many people during the start of this, but I just want you to that I was focused, not busy. Each time I make a new video, I learn more about myself and how I work with the people around me. I am excited to do more, learn more, and live more. Thank you for being part of this journey. Here is my latest video. 

My favorite posts from 2014 are below:
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I'm excited to share these new blogs I'll be following this year
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