[Product Review] Nume Hair Curler 
THERE IS A PROMOTIONAL right now, coupon may still work even years after reading this :D
FBRAINBOW: for $28.99 + $12 shipping
FBSUNSHINE: ANY NuMe curling wand, pouch and argan oil for ONLY $38 + $12 shipping
Or you can wait until Black Friday to get it for about $20+ :D
[4-8-15 Update] YOU CAN PLACE AN ORDER, BUT ***Due to a high volume of orders, the estimated ship date is4/24/2015
[4-12-15 Update] I placed my order on the 8th and got it in today. I wasn't expecting it til the 24th! Now, I can curl my hair overnight for the next day.

I don't ever do beauty tips because I am not a beauty guru for sure! As mentioned in my previous blog, I went to La Crosse, WI to visit a graduate friend, Chong, this past weekend. She is living there and commutes 1 hour to Winona once a week for her graduate classes :D I need to hop on the master's degree boat!

Anyway, I used Bao's Nume curler for the second time this weekend and I love it so much. Bao and I have been friends since 8th grade! We are going on our 10th year anniversary soon, lol! She never fails to beautify me. I've always grown up as a tomboy. I didn't even touch makeup until the middle of my college career. My theory stands that I don't want to attract anyone, especially for my physical looks. Yes, yes, yes, it's ok to just look good because you want to. I've also heard people saying they look good for themselves. Whatever your reason is to beautify yourself, you are entitled to it. On the drive back to Wausau, WI, Bao saw this on her FB newsfeed and messaged me this great deal for the NUME curler!

[The actual review] The curler is works very well compare to other curlers that I won't bother to review on, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. The curls stay long with out hair spray and stays longer with hairspray. There are plenty of youtube videos to testify that. I am the worst hair stylist in the world!!! However, with the Nume, I've mastered curling hair. Just kidding. I don't have to hold it at a certain angle or method, it just curls! I usually hold the wand in vertical, but with the Nume, I can just keep it horizontal and the job still gets done. The temperature heats up pretty fast too. I'm not sure if they all come with gloves or not, but I would highly recommend getting one. It's hot, so that it gets the job done. The price is reasonable, $40??!! Too awesome. That's less than the big brand names out there for an exceptional styling piece.

You can select from the following options. According to a review from google, "The classic is tourmaline ceramic and good for fine hair types. The magic wand is more professional and great for thick or hard to curl hair types." The wider the curler, the bigger curler. The one I used this weekend was the 32mm, which was the one I also ordered. I went with the FBRAINBOW promo because I didn't need the extra stuff for another $10 ish. Enjoy!
THERE IS A PROMOTIONAL right now, ends March 31, yes, tomorrow!
FBRAINBOW: for $28.99 + $12 shipping
FBSUNSHINE: ANY NuMe curling wand, pouch and argan oil for ONLY $38 + $12 shipping

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Switch to Cricket Wireless for $35/unlimited talk, text, and data!

Family and friends, don't miss out on this deal!

I haven't seen or read over a phone bill for 2 months and that feels super awesome. My bill also doesn't have a record of phone # either. It's so different in the best way! I wished I would've done this sooner.

For now, Cricket Wireless is $40 and $35 if you choose the auto pay feature. You get 2.5 data gb/month along with unlimited talk and text. This is half of what you pay. Compared to Sprint, you probably pay about $30 including taxes through the Fam & Friends plan, but you only get about 1gb per person. My previous AT&T bill was $35 for unlimited talk and text, then about $40-$45 when we started a data plan. I was already paying so low already, but I hated the idea of a contract at the back of my head, so I finally made the switch after my contract was over. I also disliked taxes and random crap that would appear on my bill then I have to call customer service to get it corrected. The data is a good size. I used to avg 2 gb of data usage when I was with AT&T. I also hated if I went over, and had to deal with overage. Here's how you can make the switch.

1) Buy a replacement sim card ( It's only $0.99 right now; it's usually $25. Offer ends 4/30/15. Enter your IMEI # to check if your phone is eligible. If it's not, find one off craiglist for under $200 and make the switch. You'll save more over time.

2) There is no #2. That's how simple the switch is. Well, I guess I should literally write that you will need to change your sim card once it arrives.

I have been with Criket since January 27, 2015. I didn't get the data plan because I wanted to try a life without data on the go 24/7. Although life was great with google in the palm of my hand, I think I took my own abilities for granted. I used to print out my maps before leaving. I used to do reservations. I used to save phone numbers. I used to memorize phone numbers. But this technology hurts us in ways we don't know. Obviously, financially.

I would've stayed with AT&T, but to get the basic plan was $20+taxes and a smartphone couldn't be used for a basic line (SCREW YOU, AT&T). I currently have the very basic plan of $25/month unlimited talk and text with my iPhone. I just switched it to auto pay, so my phone plan is really $20/month. I have been data free for 2 months and it hasn't had any major impact of my life. If anything, I've noticed better changes.

1. I'm not on my phone all the time
2. No wi-fi means to have human interaction
3. :D Only a few people have my phone #

This post isn't sponsored by Cricket. I believe in making smart decisions. Stop paying so much on a phone. Think about it, with the estimate of about $50/month, that's $600+ in a year and $1,200+ in a 2 year contract. If I stay on my $20/month plan, I pay $240 in a year and $480 in two years, which is less than the cost of 1 year with a mainstream phone service. For a "tech" and "nerd" reputation, if I can live without data, you can too. If it wasn't for work, I wouldn't have a personal cell phone. Enjoy your day!

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[VLOG] Qhia Dab Neeg Film Festival & "We Are Hmong Minnesota" Exhibit

Here is my latest video/trip!

I knew there was a Qhia Dab Neeg event this weekend for a while now, but I didn't make any plans for it until Friday morning! When I realized I didn't have anything planned for the weekend, I decided in about 4 hours that I should go. Another reason I went was because I'm busy in April to attend The 6th Annual Qhia Dab Neeg Film Festival 2015 with new video submissions. I will be in town that weekend to work on my own UWMC-MRC Cultural Festival (link up later) event.

It's too early in the morning for me to make any comments about the exhibit or film series. On the other hand, I'm glad I have a lifestyle where I can just pack up my things and leave within minutes of my decision. Last weekend was my first Hmong volleyball tournament held by the Wisconsin Hmong College Coalition (WHCC) in Madison, WI. My co-ed team didn't do so good; it was my first ever tournament. Since soccer is going downhill, maybe I'll pick up volleyball this summer. Next weekend is with my friends in Lax! I haven't seen them since the last birthday party in November 2014 lol. Going to enjoy some kapong from mother now, bye!

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[Response] jet5832 responded to me on youtube

This man responded to what I said on youtube.

My response: I don't think the issue here is reading the report. We would like to see some paper documents and evidence of some of the expenses, especially those over 20,000. I have made my own version and confusion here:

+CHOUA KHANG well, remember we are Hmong and if we are a low class we don't need them to proof anything.

So, you’re saying that Hmong people can start non-profits and not need to “proof anything?” I don’t think that’s possible. I don’t think that your race can change how non-profit guidelines, policies, and practices affect you. If you are a non-profit, you have to follow all of the policies like anyone else.

We don't have to ask any question because we don't have the right to do so.

We don’t have the right to ask about how a non-profit is using their money? These non-profits are making claims that they’re helping our community, and for anyone that cares, they just want to know. I’d love to run a non-profit if people gave me money and not ask how it’s spent.

I don't care about the money.

Neither do I.

All I care is you do your job and I do mine.

Right. And this non-profit’s job is to give to the community. The community just wants to know how they’ve done so. The Lao Family reported their expenses. The community just wants to know more of the expenses.

People out there were talking about they eat money, but for me. I think they work to hard to get the July 4 Holliday for all the Hmong people gather together.

For the record, and I can only speak for myself, I didn’t make any claims that people who are on the board or are affiliated with the Lao Family are embezzlers; it has yet to be proven—innocent til proven guilty. I also agree that they work hard to get the Hmong to be recognized in the community.

I believe for the new generation like you that kept complain about whatever and anything...

I’m a bit confused at the last sentence, but I will assume that you think the new generation just complains “about whatever and anything.” I am complaining because there is an organization, especially one that’s a non-profit, making claim that they are a resource for the Hmong community. However, they haven’t updated their methods. There are more students who could use scholarships; most of these Hmong resource centers, HND included, only give out 1 or 2 for $1000 each. We really have to invest in our own children for them to want to help us. Most of the scholarships they are getting are from other resources, so they end up helping others in the end. There are so many Hmong youth who could also use financial assistance with athletic or extracurricular gears to help them really become that athlete star. There are Hmong children who could use transportation to pick them up. That is what I want any Hmong Resource center to do; they must be willing to provide the service for HMONG families to succeed in what they do. That is how they build a relationship and a better place for the Hmong. Instead, there is no monthly, quarterly, or yearly report of what these resource centers have done. In the end, all we know is that they make money and they’re funded. We just want to know what they’ve done, what they’re doing, and how they can help us. I would love one of their positions to open up and take on the challenge, email me the offer at :D. That’s the thing with “your generation.” You don’t know when you need to update your system or just let someone else try.

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[Response] Dylan Yang continue

A preliminary hearing in Yang's case is set for March 12. The hearing is at 8:30 am in Branch 1 Courtroom, room C230.

Lack of a lawyer hurts. Read more about how that affected Fong Lee of MN's case here:

I am not sure who is guilty or not in the stabbing case with Dylan Yang. Dylan's case should bring exposure to these two cases and others similar.

Ethan couch, 16 at his arrest, was only ordered "to rehab for driving drunk, killing 4." How is it possible for someone who makes a decision like this to let go? Meanwhile, other children who commits less of a crime serves a bigger sentence. Couch was let go for affuenza ( But what about the kids like Dylan who suffers from Povertenza ( By the way, povertenza is not recognized as a medical or any sort of legal condition one could use in court.

Read more about Ethan Couch here:

Dylan is only 15 and I do not want an unfair trail to happen to him, as it did with the Central Park 5. In short, Central Park 5 was about 5 five teenage boys who were found guilty for a crime they did not commit. There were only found guilty because law enforcements talked them into admitting to the crime. As a result, their teen years were gone forever.

Read more about the Central Park 5 case here:

Read more about how the City of NY responded when they were finally found not guilty after they served parts of their sentence here:

Although the jail system serves to keep "bad" people in place, it doesn't outweigh how it fails the community. The jail system is an irony. First, we put them away and the citizens pay tax money to operate the jails. Second, when the system is wrong, the victims are compensated with the citizen's tax money. Third, the victims' lives were wasted and has a lasting impact in their own lives as well as those around them. We all lose. There is a way...

I get it that some people do not deserve another chance or that it could be another chance too late, but it's this system that ruins one’s whole life. With a criminal record, one will be affected by many of its' ripples. First, they will struggle to find employment. This causes them to live off welfare. Second, they can't climb up the ladder financially. For some people, they might resort to illegal ways to reach financial stability. Third, we all complain that our money is going no where. It’s just time that we start to teach people how to simply do life “right.” We need to invest in each other.

But maybe I'm just naive to think people are kind. Maybe I'm stupid to think people are willing to work with the system if they would just give them a chance. Maybe I'm crazy for believing in anyone.

Many of us are fortunate to be in control of the cards we are dealt. I hope that we will find ways to use, inspire, help others with our cards.

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[Response] Teen Stabbing in Wausau, WI

A preliminary hearing in Yang's case is set for March 12. The hearing is at 8:30 am in Branch 1 Courtroom, room C230.
Please make the effort to read the case here to get the story here. Of course, not everything the news portray is honest.

Trending news like this is a demand for time to ask these questions. What are we doing? What are you doing? What am I doing? There are so many factors that caused this problem to happen.

On top of this being an obvious and instant race and gang related case, it also fits in with 1) gun policies 2) poverty 3) community outreach 4) school prevention 5) parenting style 6) web/cyber bullying and many more. What kind of gun control laws did we vote for? Are we schools that don’t help children to participate in an activity that causes them to be out on their own at 5pm? Are we community leaders that don’t reach out to members in our community? Are we schools and teachers that don’t have conversations with these children? Are we siblings who are making conscious decisions because we hold a very big influence to our younger siblings? Are we parents who are too strict or too easy going? Are we successful professionals who just goes to work and come back? Are we spreading this kind of behavior on the web?

If the children involved had the right help and resources, this tragedy could've been prevented. At 13 and 15, I was in student council; I wasn't out at 5pm. My parents also didn't own any guns; I wouldn't have been able to shoot anyone if I wanted to. We also had one computer we had to share, so someone was usually in the same room. That person would've talked to me if I had issues with others on FB. I never really understood why my father didn't work, other than for health reasons, but it was for supervision purposes. Who was watching them since he wasn't at school? Employment has a factor in this too, which I saw affected many of the students I worked with in high school. Some parents work 2nd shift, which is generally 3-11pm. They can't pick up their child after practice. This is where the school comes in, what can they do? Usually they've exhausted all their resources and can't do anything. This is where the community comes in, can they provide transportation?

Ok, let’s play the race card. This is a race case. This is a case about Hmong people. This is a case about a grandfather who side with the Americans during the Vietnam War and became traitors to a land he lived in. As a result of the war, he sought political asylum status in various places throughout the world for refuge, United States being his final decision. He decides to settle in the US to avoid persecution from the Lao government and brings his whole family over. His children that are raised here face many problems like any other refugee group; poverty, education, employment, resources, and many more. Maybe this led the son, who is the father of the 15 year old Hmong boy in the conflict, to many things that already began his son’s fate. The father is probably someone with little English. Have you ever filled out an application in a foreign language? Because that’s what it feels like for them. Maybe he was only good enough for a company labor job. Like most companies, they have different work hours. These hours are made to meet their demands; their employees can make a decision to stay or leave. These hours are generally first shift-6am-3pm, second shift 3-11pm, third shift 11pm-7am. Again, with the race card, many Hmong parents work these hours. These are not friendly hours that’ll allow them to pick up their child after soccer practice. These are not hours that they can go watch their child’s tennis game. These are not hours that they can attend their child’s state debate round. These are hours that cause a Hmong child like Dylan Yang to be in his conflicts. These are hours that already pre-determined Dylan’s life. These are hours that could’ve saved Dylan.

Yes, it’s possible to escape a fate like this. There are a few who triumph through this. That didn’t happen in this case. To escape a fate like this requires all of us to work together.

As the case unfolds since Friday, February 27, it’s starting to sound like the one stabbed, Powell, had a bb gun that he brought to Yang’s place. As a result, Yang’s weapon of choice was a knife he used to stab Powell when he was on top beating Yang’s other friend.

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