Monday, April 27, 2015

Puffy Eyes Just Got Real! How to get rid of them

What a long weekend filled with events! On Friday night, I went to Hmong Heritage Month's Night of the Rising Star show.

On Saturday, I helped out my sister Sheng of The05experience with the UWMC-MRC Cultural Festival. It was filled with food, performances, local business booths, and community members. It was hectic planning it but the hard work paid off. By the way, the backdrop of this photo was from there. Sheng took a whole week to make it.

Later that night, I attended the first Maa Vue Concert at UWSP. Then I cried my eyes later that night and woke Sunday with a puffy set of eyes. I hate to say it, but my eyes are pretty chinky, so can you imagine how much smaller it got? Monday morning (today) and the puff hasn’t left. I never cared much about it because it usually recovered by the following day. Panic I did, so I youtube and google “get rid of puffy eyes.” I read a few things and watched a video and started following all the directions instantly! By the end of the video, I kept some serious lifelong advice to prevent puffy eyes.

Quick fixes
- Splash cold water in the morning and throughout the day, RAN TO THE BATHROOM and splashed water all over my face
- Drink water, dehydration adds to the puffy, and RAN RIGHT TO THE kitchen
- Cut out cucumber and place it over your eyes
- Put tea bags in hot water, cool them, put them over eyes
- Refrigerate spoons, put the curve side on the puff (they're in the fridge as I write this)
- Whip up egg whites, use cloth to dab it and apply to eye

Lifelong changes to make:
- Change pillowcases and bedsheets often, which I’m washing mine RIGHT MEOW!
- Sleep higher, like add 2 pillows
- Limit make up
- Have breaks when using the computer
- 8+ hours of sleep
- Add healthier options to your diet (I'm drinking squeezed lemon with water and lots of fruit)

There are a lot of videos up on my channel from the weekend. This was my favorite performance from Maa's concert. I got lazy and left the camera in one spot. Filming is hardcore work and dedication.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I'm Busy

"I'll be busy," really means, you don't exist. When people say they're busy, it really means "I don't care."

Case 1:
John: I'll be in town this weekend. Lets hang out!
Jane: 'I'm busy' (I don't care)

Case 2:
John: What do you want to do tonight?
Jane: I really wanted to hang out, but 'I'm busy' (I don't care)

Case 3:
John: What are you doing today?
Jane: Oh, 'I'm busy.' (I don't care)

It's so funny how when things begin, both of you are free. But down the road, you become too 'busy' for each other. Then someone suddenly wants "space" out of the blue. I mean, I thought there was some momentum going on...

So last night, I took a walk down memory lane and read some of my most fragile moments through posts and photos. I decided to google what guys mean when they want "space." This was what I found when he says he wants a break...
  1. He needs time to think what he really wants 
  2. He has to decide if he wants you for more than sex. 
  3. There is someone else there and he wants to check them out so he takes a 'break' so it wont count as cheating! 
  4. He means when no one else is available he still wants to do you. 
  5. If he ends it he would feel like a douche so he'll keep you hanging on. i'd say drop his butt like a hot potato. 
  6. Do you have a really hot sister, best friend, mom, brother? If he needs time, buy him a watch. 
  7. My ex boyfriend said that to me and took two long weeks to finally tell me he wants to end things. So if he tells you that the relationship is definitely over. 
  8. It means he hasn't the courage to end in without hurting you , he is feeling to pressured to go at your pace and you aren't right for him most likely because of the fear of commitment ,your coming on to strong for him, he may never be ready or indecisive about things and somewhat fickle but all and all he doesn't care for your expectations on him. He seems to be like a lot of us are just never quiet ready unless perhaps someone he falls for plays it too slow for his needs and can't commit as he couldn't . Love is a crazy thing but we , men and women alike can find many things in common such as this example if we really think about it. Slow down when you find the one and you may find you have waited for just that one for your best perhaps, good luck to you...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Hits you right in the feels. via Pixable
Posted by The Huffington Post on Wednesday, April 15, 2015
All of the reaction to that video up there is love. You can see all of their hearts skip a beat as their jaw drops at the sight of the person they've been waiting for.

The last video was so heart touching. I loved that it was zoomed in and focused on her, and only she knew who was the "very special guest today." As the other kids looked confused, she was tearing up inside at what was standing in front of her. It teared me up how she kept the whole thing a mystery, and only smiled to herself until she knew for sure who it was and then cried. Then the camera zoomed out to show her younger sisters ran up to their father first. It kind of reminds me about being older and tough, which she did by waiting for the younger ones to run up to the father. Then BAMMM, the music comes on and you're just like
This shows that:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Siab Nthxov - Worry

Here are the newest videos on my youtube channel
If you click play, you'll see me ball tossing at the Hmong New Year. The video ends with a silly me as always. I liked this song but I wasn't sure what to use to play the song with. I heard this song in a live performance  at the Hmong Music Festival concert and fell in love with it instantly.