Friday, June 26, 2015

Flashback Friday: Don't Date In Highschool

Back in exactly December 12, 2011 at 6:26pm, I wrote a note on Facebook about teen dating. Working at a high school in the past year, I came across one of my student today, so this post is dedicated to her and anyone dating in high school. Take what you want and leave what you don’t like.

When I was younger, I had no real idea about dating. I just thought it was a thing to do. I’m definitely sorry to my exes at that time; sorry, I had no real idea what I was doing. I realized I didn’t put any effort in those relationships. I didn’t ask dates to ask off work. I didn’t ask what they wanted to do. When I shop, I don’t automatically think about them. They weren’t the first or last thing on my mind. I didn’t even really think about them. (Now that I’m older, this is all automatic. I be like, "oooohh, this would be pretty good on Josh.")

I was more focus on school and work (still am). It was great to have someone, but I think I was just really looking for a friend. And I was bad at that; telling guys that I just wanted to be friends. I didn’t know how to tell them. I sucked at being a “social teenager.” But it’s ok. I take great pride in that.

There is no real purpose in dating at such a young age. Most of the time, you or your partner don’t even own your own vehicle to run at your time. You probably don’t even have a job. I mean, I have always worked but I found that many boys/men actually do not strive for employment until 18+, even some are still jobless at 23+. Girl, don’t bother with this guy. He doesn’t even care if he has money to gas up to see you, take you out to dinner, get something for your birthday or some random day, and so many more. I’m not saying money buys happiness, but it helps. So, everyone, please get a job.

Right, a relationship isn’t about money. But think about how you’ll get into a simple movie theater; money. Think about how you’ll provide gasoline in your cars, money. And if you can’t provide your own, you’ll have to ask your siblings/family. It’s just so much more work. Just chill out and enjoy being a kid. Go to school. Join a sport. Do your homework. These simple things are super attractive when you get older :P

So quit chasing relationships in high school (save yourself from the heartbreaks), especially if it’s not a healthy one too. Just work on yourself. My favorite memories were with my family and friends. I never looked back and ever thought, "Prom was sooo fun with TSG" or "That one time TSG was so nice when they did this." Ok, ok, ok, I might be a bit bias from my own tragedies, but come on, most guys, especially in high school, are not intellectually-relationship developed. For all they care, they just want to game, be a ricer, be the life of the party, and so much more. They're still working on their rep while with you. Don't be a part of that. If this person you're with is a joke and not committed, get out of it. Make your own timeline; be on your own "game." You deserve better.

It’s a simple formula. Get good grades (or I guess, at least just try to graduate). Join a sport. Become president of a club. Make money. Make your parents happy. Get your family awesome Christmas gifts. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, don’t add someone else’s shit to yours.

Basically, when you’re young and especially in high school, dating life can suck; strict parent regulations (curfews, really? I'm 13 and old enough), carless, broke joke (even if you have a job, or maybe I just have high expectations for myself). Of course, true love prevails.

On a sidenote, this Flashback Friday idea is kinda cool. Maybe I'll bring old notes on Fridays to keep the blog active. :D As always, thank you for reading.
“To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others” ~ Buddha
 --BTW: This note was written back in 2012 and I still feel the same about it. As you can tell, I’ve always had an old soul.

No college degree required careers

 According to CNN, here are 19 top careers without a college degree:
  1. Air traffic controller – Annual income: $102,030
  2. Storage and distribution manager – Annual income: $66,600
  3. Transportation manager – Annual income: $66,600
  4. Police and detectives supervisor – Annual income: $64,430
  5. Non-retail sales manager – Annual income: $59,300
  6. Forest fire fighting and prevention supervisor – Annual income: $58,920
  7. Municipal fire fighting and prevention supervisor – Annual income: $58,902
  8. Real estate broker – Annual income: $58,720
  9. Elevator installers and repairer – Annual income: $58,710
  10. Sales representative – Annual income: $58,580
  11. Dental hygienist – Annual income: $58,350
  12. Radiation therapist – Annual income: $57,700
  13. Nuclear medicine technologist – Annual income: $56,450
  14. Child support, missing persons and unemployment insurance fraud investigator – Annual income: $53,900
  15. Criminal investigators and special agent – Annual income: $53,990
  16. Immigration and Customs inspector – Annual income: $53,990
  17. Police detective – Annual Income: $53,990
  18. Police identification and records officer – Annual income: $53,990
  19. Commercial pilot – Annual income: $53,870
According to the the U.S. Department of Labor, 2 out of every 3 jobs only require on-the-job training. You want great jobs with no college degree?  There you are.  If you’re competing for one of these jobs, going to college could actually hurt you.  Why? Because the other people competing for that job will have had 4 years of experience while you were hanging out at Starbucks with your laptop and iPhone.

Monday, June 15, 2015

I am An Old Soul

This article was sooo accurate about myself.

1. They’re homebodies: I’ve always loved staying home more than anything. I wasn’t into the whole partying every weekend thing, at least when I was in a relationship.  But even when I wasn’t, I didn’t feel the need either. I had more fun staying in and watching a movie. In fact, I need to make a movie review video soon. I have about 10+ to recommend. Maybe I just won’t add the ones not worth watching. Even in college, I wasn’t into that whole partying thing and people saw me as a party pooper, which is ok. Call me weak, I don’t really care and drinking is not my forte.

2. They love the little things: I always tell Josh about the little things he does for me. I mean, I’d love a new canon lense, but it’s the little things that touches my heart more...or should I say melt, because I appeared to have a cold heart before. Even the simple gifts is what gets me, like shampoo and contacts! Those are necessities and they’re expensive!

3. They can be a little bit weird: I don’t even know how to explain this, but I am weird sometimes, especially the way I view things. Sometimes I doubt and ask too many questions...but I just want it to be a smart decision...

4. They are able to connect with you and others very deeply-Old souls don’t really go for superficial acquaintances: For real, I have my family, Josh, and 3 good friends. I’m not a hater; I’ll still have conversations when I see people, but like, I just don’t need 50 friends blowing up my phone, especially freeloaders and people who refuse to do their own research.

5. You find yourself learning a lot from them: I think most people would say that they learn something from me; #teamfaithfultalk all the time and education.

6. They don’t play games: For real. I’ve been told by both sides of the spectrum that I play too hard to get or I’m too nice/leading people on. Uh, I don’t play games. We’re just having a conversation, let me know if you need me to make anything clear. “Games” are a self-fulfilling prophecy, so whatever keeps you alive.

7. They may come off as apathetic: I am so bad with compliments. It doesn’t sound genuine even when I do mean it. I feel like I need to do a speech whenever I say one, so that it’s convincing. LOL, which is why Josh always gets like essays from me hahaha.

8. Their love is unconditional: Yea, I just love because I love. I’m not into bribing, but sure, gifts and donations won’t be rejected. Don't tango alone.

9. They aren’t likely to cheat: Yea, I like a drama-free life. It’s always pretty simple with me. No one can make another person love them.

10. Old souls inspire you to do better: I think most people I’ve met have felt this way especially when I talk about education, they’re like, “Gosh, you’re so passionate about it.” Unfortunately, I am not working in that field; maybe when I’m 40+!

Read the full article here:

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Eric Casebolt, cop at pool party, should be banned from law enforcement forever

"As of Tuesday afternoon Eric Casebolt is no longer a McKinney police officer."

I want more than that to justify the stupidity and ignorance of this incident. He better have an assault record, pay damages toward the family, and banned from law enforcement forever. He also does not deserve to "keep his pension and benefits" This guy was disgusting and was racially motivated.

I've finally made time to catch up with the cops at the pool party. I only saw clips of the cop holding down the girl, but after watching this whole clip of him going to grab her when she walked away as she was told, he brought her back and wrestled her, and it was sooo intentional on top of the cement too. I am soo disgusted. He really needs to get fire. Even when she was down and didn't make any attempts to attack the cop, he still wrestled her for no reason. He even put his knees on top of her back too, purposely and unnecessary adding weight to it.

I also want to note that the camera person was caucasian, which was revealed on another video. When the cops first arrived, they told everyone to sit down, except the camera guy. And the other older white man there, he wasn't even told to sit down at all. Not once did he ever attacked or yelled at the white kid holding the camera.

Jon Stewart says it best here

Monday, June 1, 2015

If I never met Josh...

In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. ~Abraham Lincoln
The other day I thought about how it was possible that Josh and I never ran into each other in such a small town. I mean, I knew most of the people in the area and pretty much planned to not be with any of them romantically. The only explanation that brought us together was my current job. If I would’ve worked at the high school instead of the university for the past year, I would’ve never ever met Josh; it was just impossible. We have very different friends and lifestyle. I was done with the house party life, so we would’ve never met at one, and it’s also a rule of mine to ban people I meet at a house party. All I did before I met Josh was work and worked on my videos. Yes, I traveled on the weekends alone. Our facebook names were hard to find; heck, only some people can search/add me. I never came across Josh on FB either. Anyway, there was no way we would’ve ever met if I never worked at the university.

My team hasn’t play soccer for the past year and don’t have plans for it this year either, so I decided to pick up the sport most people play, volleyball. I started going to the gym whenever they had volleyball. I was there for about two weeks before Josh showed up. According to him, he was already a regular before I started going there and because he had jumper’s knee problem, he didn’t show up when I did. Of course I thought he was good looking, but I was really shy (me, shy? It’s true). I don’t even know where it came from, but I couldn’t talk to him. I seriously thought, “This guy is cute and I work here, so I need to keep my professional boundaries.” Then it all happened. Well, he told me later about his side of the story and how he actually knew about me years before we finally met, which was unfair to me! Ok, cutting that story short.

It made me happy and sad at the same time when I thought about it. If I would’ve never met Josh, I would’ve missed out on a whole experience of a positive and giving relationship. I was sad at the lack of love and effort I received in the past. I’ve always gone into a relationship with only good intentions. If I wasn’t interested, I wouldn’t bother to start one to just break one. So if I ever “rejected” anyone (which I hate this word; it doesn’t sum up my true heart), I was just saving both of us from the heartbreaks. It takes two to tango, so don’t tango alone.

Anyway, if I would’ve never met Josh, I would’ve never known or felt a lot of the things I do lately. I have never had someone hang out with me who shared the driving as much as him; and trust me, I drive a lot. Or someone who could go out of town on a weekend with me at the last minute and follow a plan or make one up as we go. Someone who can work a full time job, and still have a great attitude after work. I’m not sure if it’s a show or not, but I appreciate all the things he does for me. He’ll get up and refill the soda. He’ll go grab the napkins. And my favorite, he always carries the groceries. Like, for real. I usually carry a lot of things, but gesture like that takes my breathe away and melts my icy cold heart. Last week, he injured his arm and I had to carry most of whatever we had or were doing and it was not fun. I think all girls deserve this, if anything. Come on, it’s sooo sweet, how can a male not do that? I'm really glad Josh has a mind of his own. It really helps when he knows his directions. He’s pretty much everything I look for in a partner. Do I want more? Not exactly a good question, more like I know he can be so much more.

As corny as it’ll sound, if I never met Josh, I don’t think I would know what love is. I don’t mean the kind of love like, “I’m soo in love with you.” I mean the kind that you don’t hesitate your decisions on. The kind that you just give. The kind that it’s a plan for “we.” The kind that you care. The kind that you’re patient with. The kind that just gets along with you. I’ve been wanting that for the longest time, because I believe I carry the same traits (maybe not at the LEVEL ASIAN like Josh). As always, I am very lucky to have MyJosh.

MY FAVORITE KIND OF FLOWERS! For realzz, contacts ain't cheap :D