Thursday, October 29, 2015

Why You Should Buy Plane Tickets From Their Official Site

Sometimes when you buy a flight through a third party, you get some pretty decent deals like "$15 off your flight" with some code. It makes you think you're saving, but you're not (most of the time). I've been looking for a 1 way back when I booked a super awesome deal departing flight two weeks ago and now not having luck due to running on a preferred schedule. But that's the kind of decisions you have to make, do I run on my schedule and pay more or do I save and take a bad time home?

This morning I've put to test for these third party tickets to see if it's worth the promotional "savings" they advertised. You can see the pictures for yourself. I used the same date, time, and airline for each results.

1. I couldn't get the $20 off when you sign-up promo to work, but even $70-$20, it's still $50.
2. This one wasn't that bad. It was only .10 more than the actual flight. If you could rack up points through one site and stay constant/committed to it, it could earn you some goodies.
3. Depending on your situation, you might have to add another $5 if you choose your seat than being randomly assigned.

Next time you book a flight, you'll save more if you use the airlines' site than a third party. Not just that, you can choose where you want to sit for the same price. Third parties don't make that charge clear. Thanks for reading, safe travels now.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


I think it's so unfair when you start a relationship with someone and you get the bad end of them, as if you did something wrong to them, but you didn't. It's all the relationship before them that makes them so guarded or what not. Like, what did I do to you?

I also think it's so unfair that after a break up, someone else gets the best of them. You're just like, what did I do? All I needed from you was to get a job to support your hobby and make time for me. And here you are with this new person with a frickin job. Fooh, I was the one that spoiled you and you're giving someone else that feeling other than giving it back to me? You are really dumb, for real. 

This one time I ran into an ex awhile after we broke up and he told me how he got a job and he's on the right track. Then there's this other one who would never leave his nest, but he decided to go beyond his boundaries after we broke up. Lastly, this guy who was fit and active, but the show stopped when we started dating, then it continued after we broke up. Why do they do this to me? I don't know what took them so long, but our time had passed. I don't believe in on and off relationships. If you're going to do it, do it right the first time.

Yes, no one's perfect, but I didn't want or need perfection. I just wanted someone that was alive and cared for me, and they all failed at it. But hey, it's no one's fault I go all in all the time. I just thought I should treat someone the way I want to be treated.

When you love somehow have these effort and energy out of you to give. The words flow in ways you've never heard. All you can think of when you watch/see something is, "Wow, I can't wait to show him/her this." You wake up unconsciously asking yourself how much more you can give, "What did I do yesterday? How can I make today better?"

It's love when you wake up with them on your mind and the last thing before you sleep. But I've learned that love is about giving to each other endlessly and effortlessly. Why would you hesitate to give your significant other the world? If you find yourself hesitating, it's not love. Let them go. We all deserve someone who gives us the world as much as we give them. Love has to be 100% from both sides.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Up in the Air | Flying TIps

This post was requested by my sister, the05experience. I have 30 minutes to sum up some traveling tips before going to work! Ever since I flew to Vegas and back with Spirit Airlines for less than $100 (MSP --> LAS) in 2013, I told myself to never pay more than that, unless I'm desperate, but I always find a way.
  1. Try to plan 1-3 months ahead. The earlier the better.
    1. According to this, 47 days ahead!
    2. Tuesday at 3 p.m. EST
    3. Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are typically the cheapest days to fly
    4. More tips for me to listen to later!
  2. Buy from the closest major airport, or it'll automatically connect the flights from your smaller airport if it connects without you knowing and end up thinking "I can fly right from here." Just weigh the costs of driving to the major airport or not. For example, if you're flying alone, it'll cost you about $30, so you might be better off saving yourself that labor and cost. Meanwhile, if you're traveling with a group, split the $30 and fly from the closest major airport.
  3. Baggage/luggage rules. For me, this "included personal item" is more than enough. I mean, the luggage fees cost more than the actual flight, lol! Spirit has the most expensive luggage fees. So if you have a lot of stuff, your luggage might cost more than your flight. But hey, take that as an opportunity to pack better and smaller so you can save. We don't even wear half the things we pack anyway!
  4. Carry on - Since it's a luggage/item that won't be put in the cabinet like a 'checked' bag, you will have to follow TSA's liquid rule, which is basically to have all your liquids under 3oz and in a ziploc bag. They didn't question me when I had foundation in my make up bag.
How do you actually buy a cheap flight?
  1. Go through a site that already did the work for you when looking for the cheapest flight. Sometimes a simple google "ORD to LAS" (airport codes, Ohare to Las Vegas) does the job. Otherwise,,, or, are my favorites.
  2. Once you find the cheapest flight, then go to the actual airline site. For example, Spirit showed up as the cheapest, go to their site.
  3. Once on the site, you might even see promos, like:
  4. Also on the site, you can actually choose your seat for $5+ or probably free if you waive that liberty. Booking through the actual airline site is how you can get a window seat!
  5. You can also view a monthly cost of tickets if you change the settings to "monthly" with whatever site you're using.
  6. Sometimes doing a roundtrip might cost more because it's kind of bundling. I recently started buying just 1 way tickets for each way separately for costs. For example, it costs $30 to fly there and $100 to fly back. But I don't want to pay that in case the $100 back drops, but I also don't want to miss the $30 there too. So what to do? Just buy the $30 there while it's cheap and wait for the back. You're going to pay that $100 regardless, so might as well wait. But the risk is up to you.
    1. Also with that method, I was able to get a rewards/rebates card back for making a transaction. So technically, I made 2 transactions, but sadly it was done by me, and most polices are "per customer." So maybe you can buy them with different accounts to qualify more for rebates or what not.
  7. Since I drive 2 hours to ORD, I need to park my car. Fortunately there has been groupons for $6 PER DAY PARKING! Like any place, do not leave any cash or valuables. You park there and they shuttle you to the airport. Make sure you calculate this time if you go with this option.
    1. go to Use this link, then just look up parking in the city where you are departing from.
  8. more later

What's the best deals I've gotten?
I just flew to ORD to ATL for $100 round trip. That recent Frontier promo just cost me $25 from ORD to ATL. I purposely fly out of holiday, which are also blackout dates for many promos.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sprint's Iphone 4-eva-eva?

Wow. I almost fell into the Iphone 4eva Plan with Sprint. After doing minimal research, I am glad I made the contractless switch with Cricket. To keep your life simple, just stick with buying a phone off craigslist and go prepaid; no taxes and shhtuff...but it depends on your lifestyle. My life wasn't and isn't in demand for top of the line-save-the-day phone service.

This article basically says that the AT&T Next plan is the worst one due to the total end of life/contract cost. The person did the math for you and puts it in the most simple chart to read. IF YOU'VE NEVER WANTED TO SPEND TIME READING SOMETHING IN YOUR LIFE, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS TO SAVE YOURSELF SOME MONEY.

I'm glad the light out of this new phone means a huge resell of iphones that were well taken care of in Otterboxes. I'll gladly take them for the right price. I sense new iphones are losing value because the current (and old) ones does the job just as great. This is simply called planned obsolescence, a product designed to fail in time for the new product to shine. Whoa...I could totally rewrite that English 102 paper for Professor Elizabeth Kim now. Yea, that class was fun! All we read for English was how we/society are self-destructive through invention, especially technology. DAAANG, I sound so smart now :D Yea, look at me now puhahaha!

Read more about planned obsolescence here:

This if for you lazy people who won't read the article, I've put the main event here. Credits to CNN:
Click on the article if you're finally convinced here: