Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Adult Life Tips - Credit Cards

Thank you for tuning in! I'm so excited to announce all these great credit stuff:

+ Target Red Card limit increase after 3 years with Target
+ Angel VIP upgrade
+ Paid off 1 credit card
+ Paying off 2nd credit card in June
+ Paying off Best Buy MacBook Pro in June
+ Now I can put some money aside for student loans (still a 36 months goal)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

[HSN] .80 For 3 6-pack Velvet Hanger & Flower Organizer

1. You must have an ebates account, use THIS link.
2. Look up "HSN" to see if you qualify, it should look like this

3. Create your HSN account
4. Use CODE: 165695 to receive $10 off your order of $20 or more

FREE on Audible: The Latehomecomer: A Hmong Family Memoir By Kao Kalia Yang

Groupon is offering 2 months of Audible for free! What does this mean for you? 2 free books!! I didn't know what I wanted to read/listen to at first. I knew I wanted to read something related to Hmong, my ethnicity, but we don't have a lot of Hmong authors...OH WAIT, I've never read the Latehomecomer and it's been out since 1999!! Jk, it was out in 2005. This is such a great way to support her and it'll cost you nothing! (Yes, you could rent the audio from the library, but you have to return it and play it on a CD player, which WHO OWNS ONE THESE DAYS ANYWAYS!!. Jk, I respect CD player owners :D)


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

[GROUPON] Free Two-Month Membership to Audible.com ($29.90 Value)!

WOW! Groupon is offering 2 free months of membership with Audible.com. My sister, the05experience, wanted this app for a while. What is it? "A collection of more than 180,000 downloadable audiobooks and other spoken-word content. This deal includes one credit per month to download a book, including new releases and bestsellers."

HERE'S THE CATCH: At the end of two months, your Audible subscription will be automatically renewed at the full price (currently $14.95 per month). You can cancel anytime. So just make sure you cancel it before it ends.

Use my referral here: https://www.groupon.com/visitor_referral/h/c46c7496-64e5-4d49-874e-6b387bc07e90

Monday, May 23, 2016

[Groupon] Refurbished $389.99 Iphone 6 & 659.99 MacBook Pro

Whoa! That's a really good deal. Not just that, ordering through Groupon is safe and you can go after them if something is wrong; unlike purchasing from a stranger/craigslist. I think this qualifies for an additional $10 off with code WELCOME, for new customers. If the link doesn't take you there, just search "iphone 6" or "mac book pro."

[CVS] Pay only .65 + tax for 2 Scope, 2 toothpaste, and 1 soda!

I used to think couponing was rocket science, but it's not. It's just patience and research. If you have that, join me! You'll be doing a total of 3 transactions. If you followed my first couponing video, you should have $4ecb from that trip. Today is the day to turn that $4 ecb to $5 ecb.

(1) $4.99 - .75 coupon (found on coupons.com or the app)
= 4.24, - $4 extra cash back (ECB) from last time
==.24 + tax out of pocket (OOP) (.51 in WI)

use this for another scope.

(2) $4.99 - .75 coupon (found on coupons.com or the app)
= 4.24, - $4 extra cash back (ECB) from last time
==.24 + tax out of pocket (OOP) (.51 in WI)

(3) now buy 2 of these for $6.98 + .99 = 7.97total
- .75 q (was on coupons.com, no longer available - NLA)
- .75 q (was on coupons.com, no longer available - NLA)
-.30 q from CVS stand
- $2 off 2 colgate
===7.97-.75-.75-.3-2 = 4.17, use the previous $4 ecb, pay .17+tax (.60 in WI) and get back $5 ecb! Now save that $5 ecb and wait for another trip/post!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Glade Candles as low as .10 after rebates; What is Ibotta?

#shoppingsaturday! Whatever, I shop everyday...just window shop and app shop though :D

You guys, I am in love with this scent! I'm so glad there's a good deal out there. The biggest rule to couponing is PATIENCE/time. It's like watering a garden. Do not worry,
You will eat the fruit of your labor - Psalm 128:2 
The rebate for $2 cash back originally came out first through checkout51 this week. I went to target and got 4 twin packs for $9.67 oop and redeemed $6 back = $3.67/8 candles = .45 each. I was pretty satisfied with that. HOWEVER, ibotta included a $2 cb bonus this morning too! ANNND checkout 51 also re-opened/started another entry to submit.

I have listed two scenarios for the two major stores that everyone has access to. The coupon is still available online and on the app. You will need to print a total of 3, or 4 if target lets you use a coupon on the "free" item. Use my referral code, omshucw, and you can earn an extra $10

What is checkout51 and ibotta? It just clicked my head that it's trying to make you say "i-bought-a." It's an app that gives you some money for things you're already buying, like milk, carrots, candles, and alcohol. It takes very little effort. You can browse and then go shop those items. Or just shop and browse to see if your items qualify for cash back. Then take a photo of your receipt and you're good to go!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Look and Free May 2016 Calendar

Hi! I'm loving this new look! I decided it was time for a change because I surfed the web the other day for a nice calendar wallpaper and came upon these. Feel free to download and use them. I am not the original creator, and I forgot the links I got them from. It took me about 3 hours to redo this whole thing. Once I have more content, I'll consider getting a domain. Updates:

  • Pretty background = color choices
  • Got rid of huge header
  • "Read More" on entries. That required going into every post and adding that button. That's 300+ clicks for you
  • links at the top
  • Easy FB like button
  • Showed 7 posts to 4 posts
  • Adding tags to all 150+ blogs. so tire

The Dylan Yang case has sparked the hearts of the Hmong community to come together. I might just have to be a "Group Leader" for my area. For a while, I thought about how I could contribute for the march and I finally found the answer today. It's what I love to do, COUPON!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How I got Groupon to Pay for $60 worth of Full Highlights for Me!

Ok, first of all, the title is only a fantasy I failed to arrange accordingly. But if you follow this and you're patient, it'll work. Patient is define as, wait 7 days for your referrals to kick in, then wait for a good promo day. This post should've really been titled, "Make the Best of Groupon" or "Make Groupon Pay For Other Groupon Orders" or maybe "How to get free things in Groupon," but would it have caught your attention?

First of all, you want to browse groupon and see which deal you like. (DO NOT CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT YET!! Create it once you know what you wantIt doesn't even have to be hair related. I only went with this option because that's what I spend the most on in real life. The first time I ever cut  and colored my hair, I paid $120 + $20 tip. That's $140 alone just on hair.

This morning, I woke up and 2 of my Groupon referrals came through and a huge promo code also hit: 25% off locals!! I'm so angry I didn't make enough account last week to buy stuff and get 15% cashback from ebates! Not just that, these referrals didn't kick in last night either, which was the last night of the 15% cashback, but I guess I saved $20 instead of earning $7.20 from ebates. Alright, lets get this discount/couponing going!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

$2 Multi Ring pieces, free shipping from Amazon

Be warned. These are from China. It'll take a month to get here, just in time for summer!

These low prices will lead you onto other low price items, like iphone covers.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Date Deal! $108.80 Zipline for 2, and earn $16.32 back in cash, and other deals

You guys, Ebates is offering 15% cashback from Groupon purchases. This is a huge deal! Not just that, if you are a new customer to Ebates, you'll be prompted to pick a $10 giftcard when you register. You'll get that giftcard if your total is more than $25. On top of that, Groupon has a new customer code for $10 off your order of $25, WELCOME. So you're really just spending $5. It's just that these rebates take time and no one has the patience for it. But it pays to wait.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Adult Life Tips - Chase Bank is Better Than Associated Bank

I might eventually name these blogs ALT (Adult Life Tips).

Today's blog is my experience with Associated bank and Chase bank. These are one of many main/bigger banks and I have them for travel purposes. Associated Bank is more midwest, but Chase bank has 15,500 ATMs and 5,400 branches nationwide! I was with Associated for eight years until I decided to make the switch to Chase this year.

1. BONUS: The Chase Total Checking bonus $300 just for having direct deposit helped with the decision. I was already doing it with Associated, might as well get $300 just for being awesome. You need the direct deposit or else there's a $12 monthly fee. As of May 2016, the bonus is $200, offer expires on 6/13/16. You may have to actually submit your email to get the coupon here. The Please consider saying me, Choua Khang, referred you :D when you go in and open the account.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

$22 = Two-Course Fondue Dinner for Two at the Melting Pot, get $3.30 cashback through Ebates

Today's transaction was kind of desperate; might as well get it now while I get 15% for what I'll buy in a few months anyway. Groupon has a $10 referral bonus for anyone who uses your link; maximum of 10 bonuses only though. So what I did was create a new account for the purchases I made today, because new members get $10 off an order of $25 or more. That's like $10 to my account and $10 off the new item. So today I spent $21+$15 = $36. But $20 (2 bonuses) + 3.30 + 2.25 = $25.55 is coming back to me anyway. I'd like to look at it as I spent $36 - $25.55 = $10.45 for my 2 groupons.

($34 > $32 >) $22 = Two-Course Fondue Dinner for Two at the Melting Pot
I bought it because I watched a quick video on youtube and it was pretty cool! Maybe I'll vlog it.

New Members Code: WELCOME

What is Groupon? An online shopping site for mainly services and sometimes merchandise.
Why Groupon? It's basically couponing. For example, an oil change at Sears is $40, but it's $30 on Groupon.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

$21.xx for 4 Head & Shoulders or Herbal Essences brand, but get $10 back in Giftcards

No codes needed in this purchase! You just have to make sure you have the right items. I have collected a few items that it works for. You just have to make sure you have 4 items in your cart. It has to be the $4.49+ one and not the $2.98 one. Yes, both brands can be mixed. I'm loyal to Aveeno, so I will be out for this deal.

No, you can't do this deal in store; it won't stack (but I haven't tested it). This is [pretty much] free if you have previous giftcards to use. For example, the total is $20, but your giftcard is $10, you pay $10, but you'll be getting back $10 in giftcards. I wish I saved my giftcards more to rollover these.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

$42: Northface Sweater, Backpack, and 4 Nike V-Necks, FREE SHIPPING

Deal is dead, but these are good too. I didn't realize it was a glitch. The code took off $20 per item and not the grand total. These are in the mail and getting backordered too.

$10.77 for the color

OMG. I'm so horrible. I just placed a $25 VS order yesterday and I'm placing another $42 today with Sports Authority!!! That's because Josh got me a Nike V-Neck for full-price of $40, which is against my rules of shopping. So I guess I shouldn't feel bad for getting 4 of them this time for the price of one! Below is the links to all the items I got! No ebates :( My total came to exactly $39.95, which is over the $39 minimum to get free shipping. I wanted another V-neck instead of the backback, but that would screw up my whole order. And I'm so sick of Josh paying $15+ for Nike socks from Kohls, so I had to do another one just for socks. That should last another year; $40 for a whole year of socks :D Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

RUNN! $26.89 for a VS 'Parfum', Swim Tote, and bra! Including shipping

Dead deal as of 9am CST :(

First of all, this is a glitch! So, I hope you have https://www.victoriassecret.com open as of right now. Glitches mean that the coding on the company hasn't been fixed. Not sure how long this will last.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thank You, the Welfare System

That video of the man/husband who was confronted by another "educated" woman for using food stamps to buy food for his family made me reflect on my experiences with the system.

Adult Life Tips - Why Employee/Work Benefits Matters

After working full time and feeling like my job/title is a big deal, I've began to feel "adult" lately. I don't know how I really feel, but I guess I'm grateful out of it to be "adult-ing." Anyways, I wanted to share my insurance experience in this blog.

Employer insurance is like layaway or pay-in-advance 
VISION - My company qualified for VSP Vision insurance, so I decided to get it. In general, employer vision and dental insurance breaks even with what you put in. The only loser is you, when you don't use it. For example, I pay $5/paycheck for a whole year (which comes to $5 x 26 paychecks = $130), the insurance will pay for my eye exam and contacts or glasses; only one. So lets look at the cheapest vision exam, it's Wal-Mart for about $70. Then another $60 for glasses or contacts, but that depends on brands and other details. So should you get vision insurance? Even though it only breaks even, at least it doesn't feel like a big chunk when you make the visit. Without insurance, it would cost me $70 for exams and then $120 for contacts.

1 Checkbook for about $5.50 including shipping!

I don't know about you, but the banks charge way over $5.50 to get you a checkbook. If you're not a huge check writer, this amount might be good enough just for you. I only need it to write rent and fricken tickets.