Saturday, August 27, 2016

$15 Fabletics outfit, get $4 back from Ebates = $11!


Hello! You must want to work out if you clicked on this post! Or you just need more scrubby clothes like me. This deal is pretty easy. It's usually $25, but the price drops to $15 when it's a holiday. It's only $15/outfit if you pick the ones that coordinate. When I noticed that it was also priced separately, I just opted to sweatpants. Not just that, you'll get a $4 cashback when you use ebates

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Saved all week!

It has been such a great week! I'm ending it with a 3-day weekend.

Sunday - $60+ Target money maker
Monday - Eat Street meals under $2
Tuesday - Google Express deals under $2
Wednesday - $100 Bank of America bonus for spending $500+
Thursday - Last day of work! Also returing that bike rack for Kp's bday for $60, YAS!
Friday - Free wisdom tooth removal and collect dough people owe me lol (only $200)
Saturday - See my kids!

I haven't got a chance to rest my brain this week at all because there were soo many deals! I saved so much money this week; I actually made money this week from Target, delivery gig, and $100 from my Bank of America Card. I'm currently enjoying this blog, iHeartBudgets.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

$15 off Google Express = less than $3 for some every day items

If that photo didn't convince you, I don't know what will. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get the dipbrow that low EVER, no matter how many coupons you try to combine; ULTA doesn't even allow their $3.50 off coupon for it.


1 code per account.

1. Click ^ that link
2. Create your account
3. Add your items as close as you can to $15, look at the photo below totals
4. If the PROMO CODE disappears, just put this in: 9CDQYB47C

Eat Street = Basically, Free Food

You get $5 right away and I also get $5 = everybody wins! (for the month of September only)

Ok, so sharing this with the world through this blog is a bad, but good idea at the same time. Good idea because I/we save money. Bad because it'll be abuse and corrected, which means no more free food. Well, I am quite the pioneer for testing security/processes :D. Ok, lets get right into business if you can't follow the photo directions.

Monday, August 8, 2016

August Finances

In high school, you look at your grade report. When you're an adult, you look at your credit report, lol. Yay! My credit is over 670+, but my goal is 720+ by the end of this year. Why does credit score matter? Read about it here and this one is helpful too. I use credit sesame to monitor my credit. It's completely free; no credit card require. It tracks my payments every single month and tells me my score.

Payment History: C, B next year
Credit Usage: B, A next month
Credit Age: B, A in another year
Account Mix: A
Credit Inquiries: C, no more credit cards until 2017!

Alright, I opened a new Bank of America (BOA) card...because I knew my limits were high! It was $100 cashback/credit when you spend $500+ in 3 months, which I know I will. My extractions is $350 for my co-pay! And I'm gone every weekend, so I spend about $200+/month on gas alone. Not just that, gasoline gets 3% cashback! and groceries is 2%. But the main reason why I opened one was because of the 12 months no interests for purchases made in the first 30 (or was it 60?) days, including transfer balances.