It's 1am on a Thursday and since I don't work early tomorrow, I wanted to respond to this video from my FB newsfeed.

In short, Ben Shapiro expressed his stand on abortion and he is pro-life. What is pro-life? "All Lives Matter," meaning that as long as there's a baby, they must have the right to life.
When I was young, I didn't really understand all this stuff. I actually didn't care nor take a stand. Now that I"m older and understand the world and 'life' more, I have formed a view.

I just find it extremely annoying when it's a male perspective saying they are pro-life. Are you taking care of the children that don't have parents who are responsible? Wait, that's not your issue because your view and job were to make sure those children got a life and your part is done.

Even if this view comes from a female's point of view, I'd still stand on the opposite end. How can someone be pro-life when the person carrying the baby is the one that ends up with it. If she's lucky (lucky? smh), her partner will help her raise the child/ren. With or without a partner, there are other factors and elements to raise a child. You can't say the life should live when you are not going to take care of it. You are not paying the childcare. You are not the one that has to work to bring food to the child. You are not going to be a part of the child's life, why are you making decisions for someone that is?

Pro-lifers are for life, but what about homelessness, adoption, not wanting their taxes to go to welfare, what about those lives? Because people are adults (that's supposed to have their life together, like a job), pro-life is no longer an issue? How can someone be pro-life when there are millions of orphans out there who are waiting for someone to give them a 'life'?

Regardless of the situation of how a baby happened, by accident or choice, it is the person who is having the baby that's stuck with it. But when that person files for child support, the world looks down on him/her. If s/he doesn't raise the child to society's standards, they're a bad mom/dad.

In this video, Ben constantly said he will financially contribute to these unfortunate individuals to make up for the financial factor. But it's not just money that's needed to raise a child. It's taking them to school or childcare, will the parent have transportation for that? No one is handed a car and I don't even want to go into an argument about the financial support for public schools. It's making sure the child has a school lunch, are you paying for it? The Trump team is cutting down school lunch support. On top of all this, it's making sure they have a good job and maintain it too.

I'm not saying that it's right for people to throw away a life because they're lazy and don't want to work at it. But these people are clearly not capable of loving, caring, and raising another life. People standing up for pro-life is like me telling them what they can and can't eat; the car they should drive; the degrees they should go for; they shouldn't smoke drugs. You can't tell me what I can't do to my body and then allow people to drugs.

If you are pro-life, you better be picking up kids, paying for their school lunches, and getting their athletic gear.

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