There's about 15 minutes left in the library, so I'll rush all my thoughts together.

I got a call today for another interview. I applied for this position way back in September, two months ago, and they called today. I told myself "no" right away and that I needed to just work on what I have at the moment.

Then after talking to a friend, he added more pros and cons to the potential. The best selling one was that I could work on my master. Next you know, I decided to start looking into a program in that area. That really sold me the idea to relocate.

Then I looked into the financial parts of it. It made sense. I'd still make and save more even if I paid $700+ in rent. This then lead to the climax of this note, budgeting. It made me reflect on my mom. She is such an amazing woman, with no education, making ends meet at less than $11/hr to keep our $120k+ roof. I am so ashamed of myself and my lack of success. It does not compare to the hardships she's gone through just to keep me alive :'(. Sometimes, I (we) are so ungrateful for the people in our lives. That's something that a lot of American born Hmong children are in these days. They think high school is enough. Come on, your only job is to go to school, and you can't do that? Even I'm pointing that question at myself. Seriously, I need to get this master degree. I looked at my mother's salary and I'm just so amazed at what she has done, and continues to do for the people she love. I seriously get extremely emotional when I talk about her. Nothing can ever measure the pain and struggles she endured. It's emotional because she deserves so much more.