Planet Fitness - No Startup fee ($39) and 1st month free! Expire today, 10/17

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Wow, you guys, are you are in for a treat! It's not too late to reach your "lose weight" goals from January! Planet fitness (PF) is waiving their annual $39 startup fee and giving you your first month for free! Not just that, they have pizza Mondays and bagel Tuesdays. If you have the Black Card membership, you also have other amenities, such as tanning, unlimited massage chairs, and unlimited to ANY planet fitness. Since it's getting cold, you might as well be indoor working out. 

I want to be clear that the $10/month membership restricts you to the one location you select/choose to pay for. With the PF Black Card membership, you can go to ANY LOCATION and bring one guest per day

Here are the the 2 offers right now. $10 membership means, $5 is due today. $20 member doesn't cost you anything today. You can view my check out photo below. It will ask for your bank routing and account number for the monthly due. There is NO COMMITMENT like your iphone, so you can cancel anytime.

I also called PF to check their membership policy. For now you can upgrade and downgrade whenever you want. So if you're paying $20/month and you're like, "I don't need all the other free stuff)" you can downgrade. Or maybe if you'll be out of your area for awhile and need access to a different facility, you can upgrade. Of course, don't abuse this (or maybe they don't mind). No, you can't completely leave and come back (like a relationship). Every time you officially "quit" your membership, you will be charged the setup fee of $39.

Checkout and I didn't have to pay anything today. Then in December, I'll (downgrade and) owe $10/month for every single upcoming month. Then in February 1st, I'll pay the annual $39 fee while still paying the monthly fee.
Disclosure: I GET ABSOLUTELY NO REFERRAL BONUS if you join. There is no making money out of this for me. This post wasn't sponsored by Planet Fitness either. Nobody payin me, don't worry.

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