That Time I didn't Think Twice Before Posting on Facebook

I try to have a drama and negative energy free zone, but I lost it one (or more) time on a facebook status update.

It came to my attention that someone that doesn't really care much about me and my well being needed my help. Let's just call this person, Monica. Monica doesn't really keep up with my life, and that's ok. But Monica emailed me they needed help. See, I know Monica. Monica gives out a daily like of 20+ and chats with about 10 people/day. Therefore, I concluded that Monica doesn't need my help and can resort to whoever Monica is "liking" because they must be doing something right and worthy of Monica's time and attention.

I'm generally a nice person, but I felt so guilty not wanting to help Monica. So I forced myself psychologically to help Monica, ya know, be the bigger person, when I don't want to. Because Monica doesn't keep up with my life, in my view that  = USER. So my issue is that when someone needs my help, I tend to move them to my priority pile...but Monica doesn't belong there. Monica doesn't care about me, so I shouldn't feel guilty, but I did. Then I directed that energy to a facebook status that didn't represent who I am. Then some people probably thought it was toward them, but it was just one person.

This isn't about likes or stats. This is about someone who decides to finally acknowledge my existence because they needed me. What I took from this is to not feel guilty for not helping someone who treated me like an option, and don't redirect that energy. Not every battle is worth fighting and I can say no, and just end it there.

I'm also enjoying these "image-quote titles." They're fun to make.