Blessings in Disguise

Hi Everyone!

This is my 17th entry on this blog. I am so excited to start working part time while gaining the experience I need for the next step of my career. I wished the opportunity happened earlier, so I would already be on the next part of this ladder. In other words, I am delayed in my "life timeline." With all this extra free time, I've been thinking about how to fill it up, because that's what I've always done; keep myself busy. Sometimes that worries me when I think about my future as a mumma, How will I manage that part of me and my children? I don't have to think about it yet, but I do have to think about how to make the best out of what I have right now.

Here's a list of things that I want to do:
  • Family
  • Volunteer
    • The WI Central Literacy Council
    • UnitedWay
  • Workstudy 8 hrs a week @ NTC + DNR
  • Vlog! I think I haven't really seen a strong Hmong and female (to be specific) who has been consistent with this.
    • learning new things (at an 'old' age, family)
    • Trips
    • My views
    • Conference
    • Hmong stuff (iono, like stories)
    • Interviews (love stories, people's decisions, what makes people happy)
  • Of course, more blogging. I miss writing. My last goal was once a month, but I think I can really do more this time.
I will be honest that I am a little worry about the financial part of this transition, but as much as I want to simply take on another full time position during those free times, I don't think it's worth it. I have decided to take this time to live life slowly, and document it. How often will this happen in my life? I know down the line, I will one day work 40+ hours a week. I mean, what will I really need with more $$$? I just want more...

I will take this time as a blessing. I'm going to miss working full time and making more, but I there is a lot to gain with this transition. Maybe this is my freedom.