Hits you right in the feels. via Pixable
Posted by The Huffington Post on Wednesday, April 15, 2015
All of the reaction to that video up there is love. You can see all of their hearts skip a beat as their jaw drops at the sight of the person they've been waiting for.

The last video was so heart touching. I loved that it was zoomed in and focused on her, and only she knew who was the "very special guest today." As the other kids looked confused, she was tearing up inside at what was standing in front of her. It teared me up how she kept the whole thing a mystery, and only smiled to herself until she knew for sure who it was and then cried. Then the camera zoomed out to show her younger sisters ran up to their father first. It kind of reminds me about being older and tough, which she did by waiting for the younger ones to run up to the father. Then BAMMM, the music comes on and you're just like
This shows that: