I'm Busy

"I'll be busy," really means, you don't exist. When people say they're busy, it really means "I don't care."

Case 1:
John: I'll be in town this weekend. Lets hang out!
Jane: 'I'm busy' (I don't care)

Case 2:
John: What do you want to do tonight?
Jane: I really wanted to hang out, but 'I'm busy' (I don't care)

Case 3:
John: What are you doing today?
Jane: Oh, 'I'm busy.' (I don't care)

It's so funny how when things begin, both of you are free. But down the road, you become too 'busy' for each other. Then someone suddenly wants "space" out of the blue. I mean, I thought there was some momentum going on...

So last night, I took a walk down memory lane and read some of my most fragile moments through posts and photos. I decided to google what guys mean when they want "space." This was what I found when he says he wants a break...
  1. He needs time to think what he really wants 
  2. He has to decide if he wants you for more than sex. 
  3. There is someone else there and he wants to check them out so he takes a 'break' so it wont count as cheating! 
  4. He means when no one else is available he still wants to do you. 
  5. If he ends it he would feel like a douche so he'll keep you hanging on. i'd say drop his butt like a hot potato. 
  6. Do you have a really hot sister, best friend, mom, brother? If he needs time, buy him a watch. 
  7. My ex boyfriend said that to me and took two long weeks to finally tell me he wants to end things. So if he tells you that the relationship is definitely over. 
  8. It means he hasn't the courage to end in without hurting you , he is feeling to pressured to go at your pace and you aren't right for him most likely because of the fear of commitment ,your coming on to strong for him, he may never be ready or indecisive about things and somewhat fickle but all and all he doesn't care for your expectations on him. He seems to be like a lot of us are just never quiet ready unless perhaps someone he falls for plays it too slow for his needs and can't commit as he couldn't . Love is a crazy thing but we , men and women alike can find many things in common such as this example if we really think about it. Slow down when you find the one and you may find you have waited for just that one for your best perhaps, good luck to you...