$30 for Glasses from Groupon!

Groupon has a special right now for NEW CUSTOMERS!
$10 off any $25+ purchase on a local deal with code GROUPON10.
Maybe you already have an create a new one and use your own referral link! You'll earn $10 that way too. Once you login, make sure you click on the "local" tab, so you'll see the deals that it's eligible for.

If you don't have a groupon, use my referral:

There are so many great local deals where I am located:
  1. Three full service oil changes, tire rotations and 21 point inspections for $30 becomes $20!
  2. Shellac Manicure and Classic 1-Hour Pedicure $29 becomes $19, and I liked this one!
  3. Full-service Synthetic oil change $25 becomes only $15!!! I need one real bad!
I really need new glasses, because I want to call myself a nerd! Just kidding. I dislike the image, idea, and concept of someone half dressed calling themselves a nerd. Fortunately, I have 9 siblings and 8 of them has a facebook account I can use to login and earn referrals for making a purchase I'd already make, and saving $10 each time too! OH, and of course, activate your ebates for 6% cashback, which I should receive $1.45 from this purchase.

Please consider using my ebates referral link here:

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