RUNN! $26.89 for a VS 'Parfum', Swim Tote, and bra! Including shipping

Dead deal as of 9am CST :(

First of all, this is a glitch! So, I hope you have open as of right now. Glitches mean that the coding on the company hasn't been fixed. Not sure how long this will last.

  1. Add bra of your choice, non-clearance. I went with the cheapest. You can search the item number: 344756. The bra choice determines your total pay.
    1. The $21.50+ from here works too
  2. Add the parfume. These can be tricky. It has to be 1.7 oz, and the $58 dollar one or you will need to add a filler (like the $6 body care cream or lotion).
  3. DO NOT CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE TO WAIVE THE FREE SHIPPING, or you will ruin it for many of us/others!

You're really only getting charge for the bra and the filler item. Yes, you'll have to pay for shipping, but a perfume itself is already more than this total. I really love the VS totes! They're huge and they're my getaway bags!

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