Thank You, the Welfare System

That video of the man/husband who was confronted by another "educated" woman for using food stamps to buy food for his family made me reflect on my experiences with the system.

People like her are just really insensitive, but I guess she wanted to take things into her own hands. Lady, poor people are not robbing the economy. You must've got your degree in Ignorant! It's the rich people who are buying policies from politicians to work in their favor. Go back to school. Anyways, I'm very grateful and fortunate that I'm not in that situation and I wouldn't treat people who needs the system like that. I am a strong believer in karma or the whole, what goes around comes around. I used to be narrowed minded about people who needed assistance until I needed the system myself. Sometimes, things are truly out of our control.

Some people are handed a wonderful life or the skills to create one. However, some of us aren't and it seems that no matter how hard we work, we get nowhere in life. No, this isn't about the people who has the ability to something with their lives but lives off welfare. This is about hard working people like my mother. Hard working people who do not have the same plates handed to them. To hate the welfare system is to take away the help that has kept me alive, food to my family's table, a roof over my head. If it wasn't for welfare, I would've ate cat food. I am familiar with foodstamp "cash" from the 1990's, during Clinton's presidency, which my momma loved! If it wasn't for welfare, my family wouldn't have heat in the winter. If it wasn't for welfare, we wouldn't have food.

My own experience with welfare was during college. I qualified for government housing, which meant I didn't have to work. I no longer had the excuse and mentality of, "Rich kids get their housing taken care of." The government took care of me. In addition to that, I also qualified for food stamps too. The government took care of me and that allowed me to have time to stay on track to graduate. Now that I've graduated with a degree, I'm this "qualified" candidate for endless jobs because a bachelor degrees enables me that privilege. Degrees and titles can be so overrated sometimes. I'm not saying that a degree is worthless or worthy, but I think that shouldn't be the only factor. If you find someone or a company that gets along with you and believes in you, take that opportunity.

I just want to end this note that at the end of the day, we have no idea how many battles another person went through. If some are cheating/abusing the system, don't let that be the one reason you hate everyone else that needs it. We are all so fortunate and we can only hope more people will be giving.