Free Phone Services with FreedomPop

Back at it again with cellphones and costs!

$4.99 for a sim card, which you have the option to have FREE: 200 Minutes, 500 text, 500mb data.

It gets even better! Ebates will pay you $5 when you order through the site.

Where has this been all my life? It's exactly what I want. I'd even pay $5 for just those limitations. But here's the catch though, it's only available in certain cities; no to Wausau and yes to Madison. What that really means is that you may not have service when you're not in those places, which I like! I love telling people my phone doesn't work, so I don't have to do any research! No one will ever rely on my phone ever again!

Since ebates is compensating me $5 and Freedom offers a 30-day back guaranteed, I will test this out. I mean, if it is bad service, might as well not have a phone at all, right? lol.

I just really want 5 people on my Cricket plan, so we all just pay $20 each and have reliable coverage for a reasonable price.

--I've received my $5 20 minutes after posting this blog