$15 off $20 on locals for NEW Groupon users! $9 oil change $5 laser tag

OMG everyone, this is one of the best Groupon code ever!!! Get ready for it, it's: BALLING

Yes, the code is BALLING when you purchase a local category item/product. That means full synthetic oil of $24 turns to $9, $20 laser tag for one turns to $5. If your city participates in Groupon and you're not using it, you're missing out!!! You have to be a new user. If you already have one...create a new one :D Not just that, you'll earn 9% back from Ebates too!

To make the most of your purchase, make sure your item is near $20. Also be smart about it too. For example, laser tag for 2 people is $39 - $15 coupon = $24 for you. WAIT! Why don't each of you just buy it separately for $20 - $15 coupon = $5 each!! This iCombat has really good review.

I love Groupon and I usually buy my pedicures and oil change from there. I used to pay $60+ to get it changed at Toyota, but not anymore! I only pay $15 now. Being the awesome girlfriend I am, I went with this.