Eat Street = Basically, Free Food

You get $5 right away and I also get $5 = everybody wins! (for the month of September only)

Ok, so sharing this with the world through this blog is a bad, but good idea at the same time. Good idea because I/we save money. Bad because it'll be abuse and corrected, which means no more free food. Well, I am quite the pioneer for testing security/processes :D. Ok, lets get right into business if you can't follow the photo directions.

If your order is under $5, it's COMPLETELY FREE (it was)


1. Click on "Have a referral code?"
2. Put in the code: CLARK2
3. Create your login
4a. BAM! $5 to your account
4b. Go look at the restaurants you want to order from (I think this is common sense, but I can't read minds)
4c. Select your items
4d. Go to your cart and $5 will automatically come off. If your under is under $5 = free!

Please note:
- Availability is limited by location; so if you're in the desert, you may not have anything :(
- Limited to 1 credit card/paypal per referral (maybe just per day/time frame?)
- Some places only do delivery and those require $10+ orders, so your pay will be more (I just do the ones I can do take out)
- Even if you earn multiple rewards, only 1 can be apply to an order
- When using referral codes, it may only be redeemed on app


BONUS: My biggest money maker at Target on Sunday, $65+. Went to 3 stores in Milwaukee and 3 stores in Madison.