$15 off Google Express = less than $3 for some every day items

If that photo didn't convince you, I don't know what will. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get the dipbrow that low EVER, no matter how many coupons you try to combine; ULTA doesn't even allow their $3.50 off coupon for it.

LINK: https://google.com/express/invite/9CDQYB47C

1 code per account.

1. Click ^ that link
2. Create your account
3. Add your items as close as you can to $15, look at the photo below totals
4. If the PROMO CODE disappears, just put this in: 9CDQYB47C
- it's easiest to use this with the app (so yes, go download it: Google Express)
- you will get charged the subscription if you don't cancel by the end of your 90 FREE day trial
---**but don't be stupid like me and cancel your free subscription that you'll use your referral link
- To avoid any of this, I used a credit card I plan to cancel and get a new set of numbers for
- Location will be a factor to product price and availability
- Some items will get cancel randomly? ... My first order for the dipbrow didn't go through and pretty much all of my ULTA and Bed Bath & Beyond got cancel. You may reorder and use the same code to get the $15 off. I'm not sure if you can use it a 3rd time if your second attempt gets cancelled. To avoid that risk, I just went with as many Walgreens as I can. What's happening is that the credit cards used are not going through correctly. I theorize that there is kinda of a credit card limit; I have 4-5 cards I used for my different accounts.
- if it gets rejected, make sure you check your "billing" address, by clicking your card number and it'll lead you to put in your address

I'm limiting my orders to Ulta because that's a store I can't ever get over $3.50 off anything. Other than that, you can order almost ANYTHING you need: toilet paper, towels, socks, clothes, toys, and even fresh food. It all really depends on your location.

Reasons why you should do this on the app:

  1. You can just do a search for whatever you need, and it'll pop up for all stores
  2. Your billing info can be edited, so your order won't get rejected
  3. You have more filter options (low-high, brands)
Video Tutorial

Please comment if you were successful with your purchase and what you ordered!



  1. How do I get a referral code for me to refer my friends?

    1. Eventually you'll get a referral link. Not everyone gets one and I don't know why. The referrals can range from $15, $10, or $5. IMO, if it's not $15, it's useless because free shipping requires a $15 min. :D Ask all the questions you need, I will help.

  2. How long after when you signed up did you get a referral link?


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