I don't think I would ever truly understand what a sacrifice is.

My recent blog was about the uncertainty of my job. But I'm not that worried at the same time.

As I finish my second bowl of kapong to night, I came across a photo of a mother with her children behind her, holding on to the side of a land edge. The caption wrote something down the line of, "This is why I continue to work hard. I will never forget my roots."

It made me so sad (like always) and reminded me that my troubles are so small. A job loss is so small (maybe just at this point in my life). Relocation is so small. Not shopping ;P is so small. People in and out of my life are so small. These are such small stress or sacrifices that doesn't even compare to what my parents and other refugee people went through. To relocate halfway across the world, I can't even imagine. To work for minimum wage upon arrival, I should be grateful for mine. To be the best I can be, is so little from me.

My troubles and worries are so small. The One above has something planned for me. I was made for something bigger, something greater, something more than I am today. If it means sacrificing something I value and love, I have to trust the fate that has been determined for me.

Life is too short, be happy.

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