$26.89 - bra, free panty, shipping fee, and secret reward card!

I remembered I had some mailed in coupons and those sometimes work for online orders. They'll tell you what code to use if you use it online. I think you can still use it in store also. Depending on your cashier, may the odds be in your favor.

The total of this deal is better than the one I posted yesterday, since it would've been $20+ guaranteed back. However, I liked yesterday's choices more. The $10 coupon will not work for bras that has a 2/$XX.XX special. Although you're paying for shipping in this order, it's only $6 of the coupon and the $4 is toward your total. Codes:
  • Angelsecret16
  • bra10uk
  • reepantyuk
As always, use ebates. My referral is here. Thank you:

Great deal, but I won't be placing an order since I did one yesterday. FYI, I limit and budget myself to $50/month MAX on clothing items.

Just found this deal after I posted the blog: