$22 = Two-Course Fondue Dinner for Two at the Melting Pot, get $3.30 cashback through Ebates

Today's transaction was kind of desperate; might as well get it now while I get 15% for what I'll buy in a few months anyway. Groupon has a $10 referral bonus for anyone who uses your link; maximum of 10 bonuses only though. So what I did was create a new account for the purchases I made today, because new members get $10 off an order of $25 or more. That's like $10 to my account and $10 off the new item. So today I spent $21+$15 = $36. But $20 (2 bonuses) + 3.30 + 2.25 = $25.55 is coming back to me anyway. I'd like to look at it as I spent $36 - $25.55 = $10.45 for my 2 groupons.

($34 > $32 >) $22 = Two-Course Fondue Dinner for Two at the Melting Pot
I bought it because I watched a quick video on youtube and it was pretty cool! Maybe I'll vlog it.

New Members Code: WELCOME

What is Groupon? An online shopping site for mainly services and sometimes merchandise.
Why Groupon? It's basically couponing. For example, an oil change at Sears is $40, but it's $30 on Groupon.

On top of that, Groupon qualifies for cashback from Ebates.com! For this entire week (May 9-May14), you can get 15% cashback from it! This is a HUGGGE deal for online shoppers! Look at this table that shows Groupon on 5/2 with a $16 purchase that received a $1.44 cash back. Meanwhile, at 15% cashback today, the 5/9 purchase for $15 was nearly double the cashback!

Ebates really work. It's also important to note that you must use it correctly. To avoid any misconnection with Ebates, I go on the website and add my items first. Once I'm ready to check out, I exit out and go back on ebates and click on the site's link through ebates. Then I go to my cart and check out. Sometimes you might have to re-login again. Obviously, if you're not signed in to whatever store you're using, your cart might empty. That is the case for groupon. It will empty the cart even if you are logged in.

There is also an Ebates Chrome Extension if you don't want to go through the site. I love this extension because it'll flash green when a purchase/store is eligible. It'll attempt to put in some codes if you allow it, but I trust myself getting the job done more. Ebates doesn't require you to reach a minimum before sending you a check (I think..). They mail their cashbacks through paypal or paper check every quarter.

If you plan on making a purchase, please consider using my referral (I'm only at 3). Create the account through the link first in order for me to be eligible. Then you can search all you want.