Adult Life Tips - Chase Bank is Better Than Associated Bank

I might eventually name these blogs ALT (Adult Life Tips).

Today's blog is my experience with Associated bank and Chase bank. These are one of many main/bigger banks and I have them for travel purposes. Associated Bank is more midwest, but Chase bank has 15,500 ATMs and 5,400 branches nationwide! I was with Associated for eight years until I decided to make the switch to Chase this year.

1. BONUS: The Chase Total Checking bonus $300 just for having direct deposit helped with the decision. I was already doing it with Associated, might as well get $300 just for being awesome. You need the direct deposit or else there's a $12 monthly fee. As of May 2016, the bonus is $200, offer expires on 6/13/16. You may have to actually submit your email to get the coupon here. The Please consider saying me, Choua Khang, referred you :D when you go in and open the account.

2. ATM Deposit: This was super awesome. No more hand written deposit slips (and shiiiet!). No more drive thrus and asking for a withdrawal/deposit slip then sending it back through the tube that takes your whole lunch hour. NO! NONE! NONE OF IT! I love it!! I go to the atm, put in my Chase debit card (bish-atm is smart). No, I don't have to insert all my bills separately; that shit on its 100% game! I can make it rain in the atm and it can count it all. Ok, I exaggerated, it's really 50 bills in a single stack. But hey, no bank tellers work past 6pm. So most banks, like Associated, has a night deposit, then that shit gets deposited the next morning. What does that mean and why does that matter? Because if you have shit to pay and a job to go to in the morning, night deposits are inconvenient! Not just that, deposits before 11pm of the day you deposit is still considered the same day, which leads to my next point...

3: CREDITS before DEBITS: If you're a scrub or under 21 (tee-hee, jk), you might be like WTF is credit and debit? Credit is shit that belongs to you and debit is shit you owe. So when the bank says they "credit" your account, it means they gave you shit. But when they say "your account has been debited," it means they took shit from you. So in my photo above, I made a mobile deposit through my app at 5pm, but all my charges from that same day happened before it. However, Chase bank considered my deposit first, which covered for all my charges.

Meanwhile, Associated would be a little b about it. They would actually take out all my charges before my deposit. If my charges happen to be less than what I had in the account, that means OVERDRAFT FEES ($34 for each of them). If Associated was a person, I'd go after them. Still confuse? For example, I had $30 in my account. Spent $25 at Kohls, $10 at McD because a girl's gotta eat, $5 at Wal Mart, $2 at Dollar tree, $5 At target, $5 at target, $3 at target because you have to coupon in separate transactions sometimes, then I finally deposit $50 to cover it all. Associated will do $30 balance -$25 kohls = $5 left, then -$10 McD = -$5 now and then everything becomes negative. That's 5 transactions *34 = $170 on fees alone! OH, but you did a deposit, right? Then they will do -$170 - the $50 deposit = -$120 balance. GFY! Like that cheating hurts more than relationship cheating!

4: CHECK deposits from your phone: The other day, I was annoyed at the idea of driving to Chase bank after work. I mean, I work so hard all day already, and I have to make another stop? Seriously? Like, 7 minutes away is just too far! All jokes aside, I remembered that they did deposits from the app on your smartphone. Downloaded the app, clicked on "deposit checks," and all I had to do was write the amount then take the front and back of it. Less than an hour later, it was logged to my account. Of course, checks take a whole business day to be "credited" to your account.

So in short. These were the reasons:
1. $300 bonus
2. ATM Deposit
3. Less ovd because they smart
4. Phone deposits

All these reasons means no driving to the bank ever again! No need to deal with deposit slips. No need to deal with bank tellers with crabby attitude. Chase bank in 3 words is: one less stop.

I only titled this blog that way, because people looove reading competition...and I hate Associated Bank.