.31 for Half Panera Bread Salad + Baguette + Dessert. SAY WHAT???!!

CREDITS: instagram.com/findsweetdeals

Hi everyone! I will do a tutorial eventually on my channel. Today's treat is so healthy for you. We are on track toward a stronger body. First, I told you all to get a FREE (1 month) membership at Planet Fitness, then I gave you a bra deal from VS, and now I'm feeding you a salad from Panera Bread!

Right now, there is a $3 code: RPUF2. It works for any account and is unlimited! It works best if you combine this code and the salad code together. How do you get the salad code?

You must play the game here: https://paneralandofclean.com/

Upon completion, you will receive a code and that will be connected to your account. Logging in or creating an account before or after doesn't matter; it's linked to whatever account you use. The code is 1 per account.

In addition to the discounts, ALL NEW ACCOUNTS/members get a free dessert item. If you're a new account/member, the best outlook for you would be .31 for a salad + baguette + dessert.

Even if you don't want to get a salad, I highly recommend the Half Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt. It is sooo good. My recent order was $4.33 for it after the $3 discount.

If you enjoyed this, used this, please share it with others :D We all loooove food.

If you can't do this on your own, I have made a video using Snapchat