October 2016 Updates - Work, Student Loans, Couponing, Health, Debt, and DVD Netflix

Work: I picked up some weekend gigs this month and added 9 hrs during my full-time job M-F. It was really tiring, but the paychecks are rewarding and I was able to contribute $1k toward my student loans. Gigs I picked up from Craigslist were giving out samples at Wal-Mart ($18/hr+ mileage), Beer Samples ($20/hr+ mileage -traveled to Appleton & Milwaukee), holding a sign at a college game because it was going on ESPN ($22), "model" for $50, ask people to take surveys ($20/hr + mileage), and putting together a resume + cover letter for $50. The major key to making money is from mileage. Find jobs that needs you to go far and will pay you by the mileage too.

Student loans: If I can find ways to make an extra $1k/month, I can really reach my deadline of 09-24-18, 23 more months. My life isn't over if I don't pay it off by that time, but not only is it good to have goals, it's a real obstacle I can't wait to get rid of. This is my motivation from my last entry
I mean, I'm just really thinking ahead as a future mother. I don't want student loans to be my motivation to work and also be stuck at work. I love family and I want to be able to work part-time so I have time for my children; so my income goes to them and not loans
I paid off loan 01-12, which was borrowed at $815 + and idek how to calculate the interest I've paid.

And also loan 1-01 $1,434.08

The next one I'm attacking is 1-10 at $3,067.11. My goal is to get this paid by December 31, which is 5 more paychecks; $3067.11/5 = 613.4 per check toward it. But we will see. I've been picking up lots of side jobs, so I could be done one check early :D! I'm just sooo excited to see this amount under $20k. Then I'll snowball pay this and kill each loan. Amount as of 10-31-16.

Couponing: I had Google Express for over a month and I wasn't aggressive with sharing the deal with people. Once I made time to work on marketing my referral link, the savings kicked in hard! I got makeup, bath rugs, weight scale, shavers, and even chocolate. This eventually became a business for me. I made videos. I added my promo code. I screenshot things I made people think they need. I became a marketer in the making. I've been living off my couponing skills and that's probably how I'm able to save too.

Health: I think if people just limit themselves to what they consume, it's not that bad. I just don't eat chips, soda, and drink alcohol. That's my only trick. I should probably give credits to the shopping trips I do when couponing, lol. Anyway, I joined Planet Fitness when they had their 1 month free and $0 "set up" fee. The hydromassage is so worth the $20/month Black Card membership, which will kick in in December ... bc technically the rest of October is not a full month.

Debt/Credit Score: My grades hasn't changed since August, but my score is up. It sounds good, but it's not. Any debt is bad debt is what I learned from Dave Ramsey.

Movies/DVD Netflix: It's basically Netflix in advance. The DVDs are available first and then makes it's way to Netflix streaming. I'm on the 2 cds out plan for $12/month. I think it's worth it. I average 4/week * 4 weeks in a month = 16 dvds, so $12/16 = .75/dvd that I pay for. That's half the cost of Redbox ($1.20), which "Starting December 2, the price for DVDs will increase 30¢ to $1.50 a day, and the price for Blu-ray™ Discs will increase 50¢ to $2 a day. Starting January 6, the price for video games will increase $1 to $3 a day.*" I don't even go to a Redbox anymore. With DVD Netflix, I get to keep the DVD for as long as I want and the fricken mailman delivers and ships it to me. I don't gotta go nowhere! lol.

11-15-16 Update