4 Lessons From Guitar

4 (metaphor and literal) lessons I learned from learning how to play the guitar
Well, obviously I learned to pluck the other day, and now I have life figured out! I’m kidding, of course.
From learning the guitar, I learned about how I learned the best and a few things about life.
1. Take IMPOSSIBLE out of your dictionary
I was always so envious of people who could play an instrument. For the longest time, I thought it was impossible for me to ever learn that. But of course, impossible isn’t in my dictionary. It reallyisn’t… Like how I thought I would never learn how to play ping pong (pong video) or finish my college papers (which lead to my b.a) or learn how to drive (and buy a car) or ever get a bf! Wait, that one’s true.
In life, we have to make the impossible possible! There is nothing that we really can’t do if we put our heart and soul into it, and no I don’t mean fulfilling your dream of being the next NFL star for we Hmong people…but wasn’t that this first lesson? Ok sure, if that’s your dream, go after it. I’M JUX SAIYAN, more like Nelson Mandela saying— "It always seems impossible until its done."
2.Stop being bad at things and start mastering them When I started the guitar, it was just strumming whatever I wanted and imitating cool guitar players like Coldplay. Then one day (which was almost every day), I told myself I was tire of it. It was time to master the art of guitar and to get this off my bucket list (too much buzzfeed and blogs for me!). (I knew people who played and they were soo cool “and I wanted to be like the cool kids.”) I started to play around with the guitar in August 2014; it’s now the middle of November. In just two months, I have made time to learn a few notes (and a lot about life) and just started plucking recently. I’m not at the highest point of my guitar career (LOL) yet, but I am making progress, which leads to #3.
3. One step at a time.
Seriously, when I started this, I wanted to jam like Jack Johnson, but we’re not all savants like him. I YouTubed the easiest songs to play. Within those songs, were only three chords. I told myself that if I could just learn at least three, I would be happy and put an end to my guitar career. The thing about learning the guitar was that I didn’t have to “MAKE” time for it. It just kind of happened.
Like on a day where I’m supposed to do laundry, I’ll avoid it by playing the guitar. OR on a day I’m supposed to be coding. OR avoiding chores.
I started with a few easy chords, then strumming, and lyrics. Once I had my foundation set, I was ready to explore other chords simply by just thinking of what songs I want to learn. Learning a new song sometimes had new notes. This would then lead me to google the image of how to hold the note. Over time, I began to memorize them because I was so tire of googling them every time.
4. Don’t give up on yourself, which really is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF
The reason why I never started this (and other things in life), was because I already gave up on myself, which is why there’s a #5. (fool ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya)
5.You just have to try (Colbie Collie – try)
I can’t stress that enough. We live life where we don’t try and give up too easily.
Like that time when my mom told me to make the rice…Hmong style. Or do pandau (but I really do know how :P) I’ll never finish this paper I’ll never get my master
Or start this youtube thaang :P! Just because I’m saying this doesn’t mean I’m neither a guitar legend nor have life figured out. It’s just my short summary of life and what I do to keep swimming, as Dory would say. So go out there and master life! About 5 minutes long http://impossiblehq.com/25-impossible-quotes