Notting Hill Movie Response

This song literally gave me the butterflies. I remember watching the music video at midnight, at our second house. The MV is really colorful. Shania’s a great singer too. Anyway, I saw the movie scenes and I knew it was for the movie Notting Hill, but I never made time to watch it. When I have a feeling a movie is good, I like to put it off, as if I have to be ready for the movie or something. I just like to watch a good movie with my full attention, with captions. The movie was finally on Netflix, so I decided to give it a shot.

The movie was really sweet. Had I watched it back in 1999, I wouldn’t have understood it. I felt like I was Hugh Grant throughout the whole movie; nice, played and fooled. Most importantly, patient and a one-of-a-kind loyalty commitment, where you continue your life, but that one person was always on your mind, no matter who you talked to or how many people you met. It’s almost like your heart was saved for them, oh wait, it is. I mean, have you met someone and even though there wasn’t an instant communication or connection, you just kind of secretly told yourself that person was the one? One sided, unfortunately.

It was a sweet movie and all. I really like how their eyes sparkle, metaphorically. But it was not fair :( Hugh Grant was a simple bookstore owner. Julia Roberts was a famous celebrity. The movie begins with her walking into his shop. He’s shocked, even offered her a free book when she paid for her books. Meanwhile, he didn’t let an earlier customer sneak away with one. Then she left the store. He left to get orange juice, and bumped into her with the juice. This caused him to feel bad and invited her to his house, which was nearby, to wash herself and change. She went to his house, changed, and did something really bad to him before she left. She kissed him and not only was he starstruck, he fell in love! I felt his butterflies, is this real life? It was supposed to be an accident, but she called him the day after to tell him where she was. But for what? What does she want to do? Why is she doing this to him? Why is she hurting him??? He went to the place she was at and pretended to be an interviewer to gain access to talk to her. After the interview, she tells him that she pretty much cancelled all her plans for the night. Of course, he took the opportunity immediately to hang out with her. Oh gosh, he was such a sweet gentleman :D. oh, my heart. She was his date for his sister’s birthday. She fit in with everyone fine. Party was over and he walked her back to her hotel. Got to the front of the hotel, she invites him in; not only once, but twice!!!! Gosh girl, quit leading him on, you’re breaking my heart. She headed to her room first while he waited five minutes. When time was up, he headed upstairs to see her. She opened the door halfway and tells him, “I can’t talk right now.” He was so confused, but tried to understand. She finally confessed that her boyfriend from America flew in. :OOOO His heart dropped, so did mine. The boyfriend mistaken Hugh for a bell boy and ordered room service. All Julia did was apologized, Ooops. Sorry dude. Really?! So he continued with his life; it was too good to be true anyway. He tried talking to other girls, but only she had his heart, so he didn’t commit to anyone.

One day, she finally came back. She ran away from the press and paparazzi and needed a place to hide. Hugh was the best candidate to get the job done. She spent time with him, even made him fall for her again, but it’s not again for Hugh’s case because it was always her. He treats her really nice, catered to her, helped her with her lines, cooked, and made her laugh. The next day, the paparazzi showed up at his apartment. Instead of appreciating Hugh’s hideaway, she accused Hugh’s roommate of selling information of her whereabouts. She got mad and furious, she left. But right before this fast incident happened that morning, she was was very happy. She even had the audacity to ask him if she could stay longer. He responded the sweetest thing, “Stay forever.” AHHH TT_________TT Anyway, paparazzi came, she got mad and left. Meanwhile, Hugh was calmed the whole time; he told her not to worry. But she was too worried about what the press would write, so she called her PR agent and left immediately. Hugh was heartbroken, again. Seriously? AGAIN. AGAIN!!! Like the first time, he didn’t really move on. He found things to occupy himself, but he never really moved on. Life continued. Finally, when he met her for the third time, he saw her true colors. When asked who he was when he showed up at her movie set, Julia dismissed him as a nobody. He was so hurt, again. He left the scene and made the decision to throw her out of his life for good. The following day, she showed up at his bookstore with a special delivery for him. Before she left back to America, she asked him for one last thing, “...See if you can like me, again?”v Oh gosh, screw you Julia! How dare you?! You screwed Hugh and you left him, twice! Stop hurting the man!

:D Watch to find out how Hugh responded.


  1. I believe if you really care about someone you have to be patient, you got to be able weight everything and not depend too much on how you feel at that moment. Maybe the timing isn't right or people fall in love at different times? It’s always going to be a battle between the mind and the heart. I believe Juliet felt a connection and was battling her heart because there life style was just too different. But after spending more time with one another and finding out that they fit well together, the heart was starting to win the war. Once your heart overwhelms your mind you can’t do anything but to follow it and that’s what pretty much happened. Hugh probably fell in love with her first, so he had to stay patient because he didn't really know how Juliet felt just yet maybe he had a hunch? Or he had to wait for her to fall in love with him too? I pretty much can relate to both of them, I believe I’m a very patient guy and I also think about the bigger picture. Patients, loyalty, and honest is very important in a relationship that I would want. I also agree with a lot if not all of your thoughts when it comes to a relationships and love. Things happen for a reason… what we thought that was never meant to be, sometimes turns out to be destiny.

  2. Oh what? You won't tell us Hugh's response??...It's Ok, I looked it up on youtube. He says " ." I won't ruin for anyone that hasn't seen it I guess ;).

    Love... It can be a real beast, that's for sure. But, it can be so beautiful too.

    I had a moment a couple months ago at the NTC campus where I was introduced to somebody, but I couldn't really see them. It was like I was looking right passed them because I was just getting out of a relationship that had wiped me completely out. I don't really want to go into the details, but lets just say I was made into some sort of "love zombie" for a period of time.

    Anyway, I met this person a couple of times, but I was so distracted by this breakup and like 10 other catastrophic events in my life at the time (no kidding, it was the worst 3 month period of my entire life... I hope... Knock on wood.).

    But then there was this one day, I was walking around campus sort of aimlessly, just clearing the old head, when BOOM! This person popped up from where she was sitting, smiled and waived at me. I couldn't help but smile (what felt like the largest smile in recorded history) back at this person. I felt just... completely warm inside (like when your at home with your family on Christmas with the the soft lights of the tree and TV screen, showing "It's a Wonderful Life" of course, illuminating the faces of the people that you love best around you). I was so happy, and I had absolutely no idea why. Then we started to talk as she showed me around and I could tell instantly that we were on the same page. She was so intelligent and thoughtful. I remember thinking to myself, "Who is this person? Where did she come from? Why am I so glad to be with her right now?"

    I could tell that I was having more than just those fleeting feelings of infatuation. But I just was so busy with my schedules. Also, I really thought I should take some time to recover from my breakup. I just didn't want to try to jump into something with this person and somehow hurt them or myself or mess up anything that could happen in the future. I had a lot going on at the time, and I was just trying to make it through the semester. So I backed way off.

    So, I guess I've felt a bit like both characters in this film. Although, typically, I most often find myself in Hugh Grant's shoes. Just trying to be patient....and hoping. One thing is for sure, once I'm committed to somebody, that's it.

    I still hold my heart open for her. Maybe I should have done things a little differently with regard to showing her how I felt, but I'm hoping there is still a chance. Sometimes we don't know what is going on with another person at the moment. They may love you, but certain circumstances prevent things from working out right at the moment. And anyway, I'm passed "taking what I can get" for a partner. I feel like this could be the real deal. So I'll wait for a sign from this person ( I can be pretty clueless when it comes to figuring out if a person likes me) and keep putting out my stupid little signals.

    "I can be alone without Yoko, but I just have no wish to be. There's no reason on earth why I should be alone without Yoko. There's nothing more important than our relationship, nothing. And we dig being together all the time. Both of us could survive apart but what for? I'm not going to sacrifice love, real love for any wh*#! or any friend or any business.."

    That was a quote by John Lennon. That's how I want to feel about the person I'm with. He got sooo much crap from the entire world about her. But he stuck with her, supported her, promoted her art and music, and listened to/respected/incorporated her ideas into his life. The were partners.

    So, sometimes things don't click right away. Sometimes there are bumps in the road and the path isn't so clear. But it's like they say, anything worth having doesn't come easy.

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