Geeky Story

During my freshman year, I took a Global Perspective course at 9:30am. The teacher didn’t really teach and her exam was the opposite of the class lessons, but I stuck around until the end of the semester. We also had to do weekly online discussions, which was where I saw this ‘cool’ guy. I read his responses and I just thought he was kind of cool. I never had the guts to talk to him all semester (not the romantic way), which I don’t know why...Well, because I thought he was too cool and he wouldn’t acknowledge me and it would hurt my pride. self-esteem issues, I know, even I struggle with it.

After the semester was over, we walked past each other on campus and he said hi to me, asked how I did in the class, and even invited me to one of his games. We said bye and walked away. As I walked away, I was just like:
We became friends after and I then I remembered where I saw his name, other than the online class discussions. His name was in the newspaper often. I won't say which section, but it was there often. I found out he was on one of the school sports team, and that was when I was super high-schooled out, Is this real? This guy actually acknowledged me???!! I was surprised because I judged a book by its cover. Now I just hope he doesn't discover this entry about him, lol!