Stay Tune

Hello Everyone,

This is the preview of the script that I’ve been working on with Lee Chang. If you haven’t seen it yet, click on it already! The first 15 seconds are pretty intriguing. Is it a movie? Is it a true story? What kind of story is it? Stay tune to see the whole story. This entry will be dedicated to the making of those 15 secs.

The script was inspired by true past events. It may sound like a unique experience, but I believe it’s a story that happens to all of us at one point of our life. It was 3am when I wrote the script and I couldn’t sleep that night, so I actually acted out my dialogue that same night. I shared it with just a few friends for feedbacks, but more for support that it was possible and if I was even funny. They thought it was pretty funny, so I gave it a shot.

Lee and I actually met prior to work on a different script, but I wasn’t prepared at all. I wrote the script four years ago and I wasn’t sure how to do the dialogue, so it didn’t happen because I didn’t feel strong about it. That one will come later. Maybe a day or two after I posted my monologue on youtube, along with directing the clip, I facebook messaged Lee. He’s always ready to go, so he asked me when I was free to film it. I told him I had to talk to find the main actor before we started. I had just met/hung out with Neely for about month, and I had a feeling he could play the role. I asked him and he said sure. This kind of worked out because he had access to the Hmong store. Even if it was someone else, I would’ve asked him to use the store anyway. Neely said sure. We set a time, met, and filmed it.

We started at NTC’s study room, cafeteria, and hallways. Neely and I have never acted before, so we just winged it. We did pretty good. The most take for a scene was probably five at the most. I asked Neely to pack three outfits, but we only switched our shirts. Overpacking lesson learned! Not just that, it was a lot of stuff to carry. We filmed around 4pm, so the campus was pretty empty by then. By 6, we almost didn’t shoot at the Hmong store because it was getting late, we were tired and the store was closing. ...BUTTT, we pulled through. Got to the store and filmed the remaining scenes in 30 minutes. The Hmong scene was important because it was the climax of the script. After we all went home, we remembered that we missed some scenes. Lesson learned!

That’s the big picture of the script. More details to come later as the video completes. Thank you for reading.