[Groupon] Refurbished $389.99 Iphone 6 & 659.99 MacBook Pro

Whoa! That's a really good deal. Not just that, ordering through Groupon is safe and you can go after them if something is wrong; unlike purchasing from a stranger/craigslist. I think this qualifies for an additional $10 off with code WELCOME, for new customers. If the link doesn't take you there, just search "iphone 6" or "mac book pro."

I recently ordered a 64gb iphone6 through Groupon for $10 more. I haven't ran into any issues yet. This would go well with those who are on a prepaid plan, like Cricket. Again, companies like AT&T make you pay the full price of $749/24 months = $31.20/month. So save yourself $200 and get one through groupon. If you really think about it, lets say you buy this for $390 and get on the $25 cricket talk & text plan, that's only $690/year. That's less than a phone from AT&T, including the talk!

I purchased my MacBook Pro from BestBuy in Nov 2014 and put it on the 18months no interest plan. I'm so excited that I'm finally paying it off this June 2016! I bought it on Black Friday and that's the cheapest it'll ever go for a brand new price of $849. Groupon is selling a refurbish one. I don't own one, but my experience with refurbished items is that they work just as well. I worked as a 3rd party inside BestBuy and was told that it's usually because when customers opens an item, it has to have that "refurbished" or "open-item" label with it when they return it. So yes, most BestBuy used/refurbished items are in same/good condition! Save yourself some money! And if the item doesn't work because of the label, you have 14 days to return it for full price anyway.

Thank you and happy shopping! Here's a bonus for reading!