Travling Tips - Car Rental

Hello Everyone! Thank you for tuning into this post. You must be a frequent traveler, or will be one, or you just like to keep up with my blog. Either reason, thank you for your time.

I am glad I have a car rental experience to share with everyone today. Remember that time I bought tickets from Frontier for $33/person/1 way? Well, the return flight never dropped, but I wasn't alarmed. Once it was time to leave, I resorted to a car rental back home, which meant a 12 hour drive home!

My first rental was from the Atlanta airport. For just pickup at 4am to drop off at midnight, it was $80.50. My second time was with Enterprise for 3 days, for half of that cost; just $45! Obviously, when you drop it off at a different location, the costs will be more. I just needed to get home at at that time, so I couldn't be too picky.

Here are the tips

  1. Book it at a smaller and local rental, and try to book online; Enterprise doesn't have any crazy cancellations fees or cut off time.
  2. Drop off at a location that allows key drop off; the airport ones will charge you for this
  3. Get the weekend rates by staying from Thurs/Fri-Mon/Tues
  4. Make sure the reservation is for someone age 25+ (anyone over 18 can rent, but there's a fee just for being under 25)
  5. Don't add additional drivers...

When you rent Friday - Tuesday = $13/day

When you rent Saturday - Tuesday = $23.97/day


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