Saved all week!

It has been such a great week! I'm ending it with a 3-day weekend.

Sunday - $60+ Target money maker
Monday - Eat Street meals under $2
Tuesday - Google Express deals under $2
Wednesday - $100 Bank of America bonus for spending $500+
Thursday - Last day of work! Also returing that bike rack for Kp's bday for $60, YAS!
Friday - Free wisdom tooth removal and collect dough people owe me lol (only $200)
Saturday - See my kids!

I haven't got a chance to rest my brain this week at all because there were soo many deals! I saved so much money this week; I actually made money this week from Target, delivery gig, and $100 from my Bank of America Card. I'm currently enjoying this blog, iHeartBudgets.

I just craiglist this selling gig during the evenings, so we'll see how that goes.

Transfer/Paid off VS, Macy, BestBuy, 2 Visas from Associated Bank, so all that I have left is just my Bank of America, Sears, and Paypal. It felt like I had to much to pay and I wasn't going anywhere doing $30 and $50 here. Consolidating my debt feels like a good idea so far, but we will see. I'm just excited to see my September report that shows $0 balance for all that and a 10% usage rate.

I also just reached my emergency funds goal, so I'm really proud I got there. I'm not sure what I'm getting closer to, but if I just work more, so I'll spend less, I can really payoff my loan. Speaking of that, I wanted to make a goal of $500 toward that, but idk.

I feel so financially blessed. Growing up, I wanted soo many things and I know my mom would give me the world if she could, but there were 9 other worlds she had to contribute to. Everything I am and my financial ability is all because of my mom. She has always put her kids first. She always made sure she paid the car loan for us to have a car. On top of that, car maintenance too. She paid the mortgage to keep a roof over our head. She would buy food for the family instead of a $5 meal. My mom is the most amazing person in the world and no one else can compare.

Anyway, I feel like I've reached all the materialistic goals I've wanted in life. I have a wonderful family; my mom is working even harder in CA right now; I loooove the babies in the family and my nieces and nephews; can't wait to hang out with them this weekend. I have a reliable car. I can afford rent. I am great at my job. I have a bank account. I have a savings. I have a ROTH. I have multiple credit cards. My credit score is good. I have my college degree. I have a nice salary; even without it, I'd still be happy. I am healthy. I don't have kids yet, so my schedule can be spontaneous. I have a valid driver's license.

We don't realize these little things, but they are so important. Without a valid license, you can't apply to half the jobs out there. Without a car, you can't get a job, and without a job, you can't afford a car. It's a repeating cycle, but I have been blessed to take care of my financials to break the cycle. I think I can really start paying my student loans. Then save up and go on a vacation for 6+ months before I settle down, get marry, have a baby, and get back on the full-time workforce.

I really have to dive into my passion and turn it into a business. Life is too short to work for others and keep their business/dreams running while yours go down the drain. Ok, bye! Hi future Choua.