H&M Review and Picks

H&M Chiffon Maxi Dresss - $29.99 (Comes in dark gray and got it for $20.99) Photos by PangKhangPhotography

I love H&M dresses and I am so weak when they also have a coupon code too :(. I am so happy that they are finally offering instore returns now, so I can add filler items to get free shipping...but I end up keeping everything anyway. Their dresses are affordable if you wait for the prices to drop; why are people always RUSSIAN? For sizing, I am a petite person, so the sizes are true to my size. I wear a size 2 and xs/s. The quality sure lasts a long time. My oldest piece is 5+ years old. This dress is made of mainly chiffon and I love that texture; it just feels very elegant. The length is long, but perfect for my height with heels on. I accessorized the dress with a long necklace to meet the top line of the dress. It's a dress you can wear to a wedding (bridesmaid or guest), prom, or a nice event without breaking your bank. Click here for more H&M posts

My sister, ibobpebteach, also launched her photography side job! She is so amazing at it. It has always been me or her taking the photos. That means, one of us is usually missing in a family photo if no one else is around to take it. Maybe I can start a fashion blog now, since there's a photographer. I think people not only enjoy looking at whatever the purpose of the photo is, but they also enjoy good quality of whatever too. Sometimes I watch videos or look at photo because it just looks good. Anyway, are rates are under $100! If you're a senior in the Madison are, look no further. Message me if you would like to book a session, choua08@gmail.com
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Today, H&M are offering 50% off work essentials! Free shipping over $40 with code 0040. These are some of the items I found.


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