How I got 4 FREE Starbucks drinks and 2 bakery!

If you clicked this blog, you are on your way to become a couponer! ... or just someone who wants some free Starbucks. Before I waste your time to read this, these items are crucial
  1. You must have the Starbucks app
  2. You must have 125+ stars
If you don't have that, then this post is pointless for you. If you do, you are ready to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Starbucks App
  2. Select your "free item"
  3. Go to check out and click "Redeem Reward"
  4. You shouldn't have to pay anything.
  5. DO NOT EXIT OUT of the app or your current situation, click "New Order" or "Order more" and continue the steps.
**My theory is that you are able to place as many order as you can until they actually process is because until then, it looks like you have stars/rewards to redeem.
**I was able to fit 6 items in.
***2 weeks later: I was able to fit 9 items!

Other Starbucks tips:
  • Triple dip on it! (1) My Bank of America card is rewarding me 10% cashback when I make a purchase with the card. (2) I ordered through the Ebates link and also got 2.5% cashback (3) Starbucks gives me XX bonus stars
  • Load up on your double days
  • Sometimes reaching a goal is more than stars earned. For ex, make 2 purchases, get 50 points.
Item reviews:
  1. Banana bread: Um...just delicious. My food vocab is very limited (good or bad)
  2. Caramel frappe: ...Good
  3. Donut: I haven't ate it yet
  4. Strawberry Acai: has a bitter taste; tastes like soap!
  5. Strawberry Smoothie: ...tastes like puke
  6. Organic Straberry Lemonade Bottle: tastes like puke