What if Couponers are Anonymous?

It is so crazy how alike couponers are to Anonymous. Who is Anonymous? "Anonymous is a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities. A website nominally associated with the group describes it as "an Internet gathering" with "a very loose and decentralized command structure that operates on ideas rather than directives" (wikipedia).

Instead of hacking the internet, we shop the crap out of it! We don't mean to shut down any governments, but we've been shutting down some websites/stores all due to extreme couponing. Here are some examples:

1. Crayola had a $100 off auto code, the company emailed every that all orders were invalid
2. Wetseal's promo of $50 off was off any total and not $200 (whatever the amount was). The following day, everyone's order got cancel with the wrong name sent to them.
3. Things Remembered has a $100 off $100 promo and yep, got cancel the next day
4. Redperks were eventually hacked (not the system, but how to get the rewards) a year after it launched a test trial. Now it won't even make it to where I live.
5. Google Express started out awarding $25 off any order, which includes free shipping when you spend $15+. When I finally joined it was $15 off any $15 order. People have posted that they have created multiple accounts; I'm not for or against it. So instead of everyone getting a referral code, only some got it. Then the next part was $15 codes became $10 or $5 codes, which was pointless because the shipping minimum was $15.
6. Zappos also offered $25 new customers too, and then it got abused.
7. Macy's offered $5 Macy's cash for some makeup item and they ran out of stock, some were back ordered.
8. Victoria Secret gave out free gift cards during the winter, but like any abused program, it was canceled. I only got to do the promo one time :(.
9. Lastly, my first glitch with Sports Authority. Instead of taking $20 off $xx, it took off $20 per item! Nike socks were $22-$20 = $2, so I ordered 20 for $40 worth to get free shipping.

It is so amazing how fast these online deals are gone. Before I became a couponer, I always wondered how things were out of stock so soon. Once I followed big IG'ers, it was gold. There are more examples, but when an app comes out with a freebie for new users, couponers are on it. Recently, MilesUp was 1000 points for a $5 gift card. I joined on December 29, 2016 and as of January 17, 2017, not even a full month, they already increased their reward system to 2000 points for $5. That's double the work.

In addition to online shopping, Couponers are also changing in store rules too. Since the beginning of time, there wasn't really a limit to how many one can buy. Now it's only getting more strict. For example, coupons went from 4 alike coupons per transactio to 4 alike coupons per day. On top of that, it has gone to 'per household.' In store couponing has become so strict, I barely do it. But at least that's also sending a message to the stores too: couponers are the only ones clearing your shelves.

There are some people against the coupon community. I think they have some valid points too, but hey, no one's a Saint here, so chill out :D! Don't get mad if I pay $1 for 4 tidepod packs. Did you die? Did you earn less money? Did your family not have food? ... Maybe that's where it could head too. But dang, educate me how it's affecting you. I guess I'm ignorant on that part too. Hey, maybe this is where we can have a dialogue. If someone can really say something from the heart that couponers need to also chill out, I personally might do it. I'm just really after what people have to say. Maybe it's bad to be a couponer...

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