6 Easy Ways to Earn Money - How I made over $2,000+

Hello world! I just realized that I made over $2000 last year from what I already do. $2k sounds like a small number, but when you actually look at it, it's a pretty big number.

Alright, lets get to business. I have 6 easy ways to earn money and I'll share them from easiest to most complicated.

1. This new one: Milesup app
-get points for driving.
-I already made $25

2. Use Ebates
-Shop online through the ebates link.
-You can shop in your cart
-But I always like to do a final click
-There are some stores that offer in store cashback too

3. Referrals, referrals, referrals. It's always a 2 way benefit. The new user gets the discount regardless and the poster also get $xx back in credits. Not just that, once you have an account, you can start marketing YOUR codes.

These are my codes if you want to start:
-$25 from Ebates for new person that signs up
-$15 from each Google Express (Google tips & tricks here)
-$10 on Dote App: Y4QX(Dote Tutorial here
-$10 on Fashionstash: P3s
-100 points from Milesup

4. Find stores or restaurants that give out free giftcards. BWW gift cards are awarded during the winter. You just have to put in a little effort. JCP has been having lots of $10, $25, or $100 in-store coupons lately; the early bird gets the worm.

5. Sell you stuff! Free on craigslist and FB marketplace. It's way easier to sell on FB marketplace, because you can now create one post and put it in as many groups as you want. Just be careful because if some groups don't allow it, you'll get kicked out or even blocked.

6. Open checking accounts when there are promos
-I did 2. These were physical ads, so you might need them.
$300 - Chase bonus, rewarded 1-5 days after complete task
$300 - BMO Bonus, reward 90-120 days after opening account

7. Couponing - This is hard if you're new to couponing, but a piece of cake once you master it. You do actually make money sometimes, just not in the form of cash. The term for that is "money maker." For example, Target usually has gift card deals; buy 3, get a $5 giftcard. They're kind of rare. My luck with it was when there was Nivea for .98 each and I got $5 back.

You will not get rich overnight from this...well, it's possible if you have a huge social/fan circle. But these are just ways to earn something off what you're already doing.

I hope you found this video/blog useful and will pickup these ways to earn credits or cash for what you're already doing. I just did a quick run of the main things I do and that anyone has access to, but if anyone wants me to go into details or share real stories of doing them, just comment below; I have so many couponing stories. I can also do local ones or what works for the state of Wisconsin because that's where I'm from.

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