"Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." - Albert Einstein

Call it God, call it Allah, call it Jesus. This quote is so true, so that means I am an Einsteiner. I truly believe there's a higher power out there. I do believe in science ... and supernatural at the same time, even though it's complete opposites. Today, I'm going to share my experiences of "seeing (is believing)" this. I'm not a Christian, but I'll still make some references from there; at the end of the day, it's just words ... that the Christians were given credit/reference to.

1. Today, 1/13/17, I've been so stressed out about new duties at work; accounting! I don't have any background in it at all. Well, I was a bank teller, but that's just basic cashier duties - at the bank. I was so stressed out to the point that I wanted to quit because I was doing (and will be held accountable for) something I didn't know. (It's fricken accounting! Even real accountants have issues with accounting, that means I am at level -1 million). Anyway, I had to gather some reports for the training. I messed up on saving the files, and in accounting, shit needs to match up, especially numbers. Anyway, I was just like, "#### IT! This is what I've got to give them." So on 'training day' (LOL! - starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke), we opened these files. I had lost hope and felt like a POS when the first 2 files' names didn't match. This meant I had to look at all the files again and rename them, so it can be matched nicely. Then the following files, it magically worked out. For example, CHECK FILE - 12 and LIABILITY - 2 went together.

Scientifically, I happened to mistakenly name some files. But it was just too much of a coicidence. I had been stressed out about this, and the Almighty showed me that it will help me.

2. When I moved out during the end of December, I magically had room each time I loaded my car. Sure, I may be good at tetris, but I gave ZERO effort in making it work, but it did.

3. I really don't want to share this last one, but it was the biggest 'in yo face' moment from the Almighty. There was a period that Josh was unemployed for a while and each day he didn't have income or look for it, I was angry! I'll save the conversation about money, income, and employment for a different entry. But anyway, we argued and he's like, "I'm trying, I'm trying." And me, being rebellious, said, "You're not! What? You think that you can just sit here and wait for a job to come at the door? You have to be e-mailing people/jobs everyday" And he was kinda, "Yea...I think God has something planned." I don't like it when people use God or religion for BS, so I was like, "Then...what is he waiting for? Does he not know you need to pay bills?" We ended the conversation.

The next morning, and oh my gosh, this is all the Almighty doing this and we/I was unconscious. Maybe I'm giving it too much credit. Anyway, my hours at that time was 8am-4pm. But that morning, I was too angry to go in to work, so I called in 2 hours late, so 10am arrival. At 9am, Josh got a phone interview, which lead to a face interview, and finally employment. Not just that, it's a great job with hours and opportunity too, so he sees himself with it long term.

There's no way I just happened to be there or my other encounters, so I truly believe there is a bigger power out there. It will make us suffer, but it won't let us die (mentally) completely either. At our lowest points, it finally lifts us up. WHY?!!!! WHY DO YOU DO THAT??!! I'm kidding. It wants us to learn, to try with our efforts first, and don't take the easy way out. That's why when things are going bad, I tell myself, "This is your moment to suffer, so just suffer ok. It'll go away; it's not forever. Good things will happen, so stay strong and get through this."

4. Other times I've seen are my near death experiences. I am a drown-survivor. Back in 6th grade I thought swimming could be imitated, so I just jumped in a 10 ft pool after everyone (literally, a will you jump if your friends jump moment). But I kept sinking and that's when I  went, "WTF did I do to myself? Now I'm just left for dead. FML. I love you mom and dad and thanks for everything you've done in my 12 years of life." But luckily, I got saved to write all my blog entries.

But hey, it's not always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes, we are also punished. There are times where I would hit objects (or maybe I'm just clumsy after all) that I didn't need to. For example, the freezer top opened as I stand, "smh...I swear, I closed that freezer door." Or that one time, I used a polly. I put the box down and (just happened to lean down close enough that) the side handle 90 degree angled to hit me. But I swear, I was at 120 degrees, so how did it hit me?!

I know this was a long post, but hopefully following the stories made it short. As always, thank you for reading.