Have you ever gone with the wind?

2011 Civil Rights trip in Montgomery, AL
I've decided to create my 10 millionth blog after reading The Minimalist today! This is one of my favorite post so far. I want to feel what it's like to not worry about money. I promise this blog will be a lot better, clean, quality photos and words. This blog will have quality written pieces of my past, present, and future.

OMG, like does gonewithcua sound familiar? YES! I took it off of Gone With the Wind. I remember seeing a trailer of the movie back in the mid 90's on our tube T.V. The name of the url/address has a lot of meaning to it. The first part is my identity. Cua is my Hmong name and I am 100% Hmong, along with green dialect. My heritage has the biggest influence on why I wanted to take this blog to a serious level. The second part is Cua means many things in English: wind/windy, medicine, nine...and many more. I like "wind" the most. It sounds, feels, and looks like getting your hair blown on a beautiful sunny day. Not just that, it means free; no limit, and that's how I want to live my life. The third meaning to it is to be "gone." The first time I ever left Wisconsin was for a Civil Rights trip to the southern states in 2011. Ever since then, I love to explore the world. My mistake in my past blogs was writing everything instantly, so I'll save those stories throughout this blog. The link name is actually the same as my instagram. Lastly, it means to be away from whatever you don't want to be in right now. Sometimes, it feels good to just runaway and be gone...