DIY Desk

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OMG. EASIEST DIY desk ever!! You know me, I ain't gonna get down and dirrty.

**if you have these sitting around the house, just re-use them
1. $13 ClosetMaid 3-Shelf Vertical Stacker
2. $31 5 Shelf bookcase or $18 3 shelf
...i wouldn't recommend 3x3 organizer, but you can try it
3. and select the right amount of space you need for writing section
I used 5/8 in. x 1 ft. x 2 ft. MDF White Edge Banded 3-Sided Shelf
-you'll know if it's enough space for you or not
-other alternative for the writing section: top part of coffee table, other bookshelf sides (the taller the shelf = the longer the desk)
4. optional, magazines

1. Set up or gather all pieces
2. Decide where to put the 3 shelf organizer, make sure it's perpendicular to the bookcase (like a T)
3. Place the writing piece right on top!
4. If it's uneven, put magazines for support on the right side that needs more height to make the writing part even.

I can't tell you how perfect this desk is. It fits everything I am: no money, no labor, no nails. I love the bookshelf feature! With the amount of books I have to read for graduate school, it'll help me stay organize. The height is great too. Leave me a comment if you like it or have questions. I would love to see your own photos of what you've done with the project.