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I haven't wrote any deep entries because I've been frustrated lately...and this video explains why.
My week started out with bad customer service to my dad on Monday. He called a service for him and asked for a Hmong interpreter. The representative had the audacity (must be my new favorite word) to respond, "Sir, you need a Chinese interpreter?" My dad clearly said Hmong, and she acted like she has never heard of the word. To make things even worse, their phone system offers an operator number that should take you to a Hmong interpreter, "Press the #4 for Hmong." Yet, my dad got redirected to a non-Hmong speaker that made this process even more complicated. After speaking to that same lady who got an interpreter, I talked to her supervisor. I demanded that the supervisor go back and listen to the conversation, to hear why my dad ever mentioned the word Chinese by accident or not. And if he did, I would like a copy myself to help my dad with his communication. a;dlfja;dfjajlflj!!!! smhhhhhh!!!! Not happy. This is the kind of things that angers me; not your usual, my boyfriend hasn't called me for 2 hours. That's insecure problems and I am passed that. I have bigger concerns for the world, like the Sao Lue Vang case I'll be attending this coming Tuesday.

This week was a lot of learning. We had a three day "conference," and I put that in quotation marks because it was basically one, but not official. The main participants were the elderly, 55+. Even though school was cancelled twice this week, we didn't cancel our event, and I quote the director, "Even though Wausau Schools are closed tomorrow, "Good Ideas" will run on Wednesday. Our students don't have to wait outside for a bus. And they are tough!"

This week I also worked on decreasing my phone use in the car. I don't care much for New Year resolutions; resolutions are for losers. This video speaks for me :D I'm improving my life for the better. Every time I touched the phone, I reminded myself of the goal. I'll keep it short and continue watching the movie V For Vendetta (2005). With just 15 minutes in, there were many great words. This should help me connect better with the injustice of the Sao Lue Vang case. I already made a "YOU SHOULD GO TO THE TRIAL" list that I'll post and maybe even vlog it later to promote for more activism :D. Times like this needs a lot of support to send a strong voice and message.

-Cua :D!
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What was done to me created me. It's a basic principle of the Universe that every action will create an equal and opposing reaction. - V for Vendetta 
There is a face beneath this mask but it's not me. I'm no more that face than I am the muscles beneath it or the bones beneath them. 


  1. I like the article that your currently reading. I also have started eliminating distractions or things that don't benefit me. I havent watch tv or play video games in many years. I actually thought about down grading my phone so I don't waste my time surfing Facebook all day. Or just turn off my data and only use wifi to save money and distractions. There is many little things that we can improve each day and in the long run it will make a big difference.


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