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This man responded to what I said on youtube.

My response: I don't think the issue here is reading the report. We would like to see some paper documents and evidence of some of the expenses, especially those over 20,000. I have made my own version and confusion here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Kpv78_V6y8

+CHOUA KHANG well, remember we are Hmong and if we are a low class we don't need them to proof anything.

So, you’re saying that Hmong people can start non-profits and not need to “proof anything?” I don’t think that’s possible. I don’t think that your race can change how non-profit guidelines, policies, and practices affect you. If you are a non-profit, you have to follow all of the policies like anyone else.

We don't have to ask any question because we don't have the right to do so.

We don’t have the right to ask about how a non-profit is using their money? These non-profits are making claims that they’re helping our community, and for anyone that cares, they just want to know. I’d love to run a non-profit if people gave me money and not ask how it’s spent.

I don't care about the money.

Neither do I.

All I care is you do your job and I do mine.

Right. And this non-profit’s job is to give to the community. The community just wants to know how they’ve done so. The Lao Family reported their expenses. The community just wants to know more of the expenses.

People out there were talking about they eat money, but for me. I think they work to hard to get the July 4 Holliday for all the Hmong people gather together.

For the record, and I can only speak for myself, I didn’t make any claims that people who are on the board or are affiliated with the Lao Family are embezzlers; it has yet to be proven—innocent til proven guilty. I also agree that they work hard to get the Hmong to be recognized in the community.

I believe for the new generation like you that kept complain about whatever and anything...

I’m a bit confused at the last sentence, but I will assume that you think the new generation just complains “about whatever and anything.” I am complaining because there is an organization, especially one that’s a non-profit, making claim that they are a resource for the Hmong community. However, they haven’t updated their methods. There are more students who could use scholarships; most of these Hmong resource centers, HND included, only give out 1 or 2 for $1000 each. We really have to invest in our own children for them to want to help us. Most of the scholarships they are getting are from other resources, so they end up helping others in the end. There are so many Hmong youth who could also use financial assistance with athletic or extracurricular gears to help them really become that athlete star. There are Hmong children who could use transportation to pick them up. That is what I want any Hmong Resource center to do; they must be willing to provide the service for HMONG families to succeed in what they do. That is how they build a relationship and a better place for the Hmong. Instead, there is no monthly, quarterly, or yearly report of what these resource centers have done. In the end, all we know is that they make money and they’re funded. We just want to know what they’ve done, what they’re doing, and how they can help us. I would love one of their positions to open up and take on the challenge, email me the offer at choua08@gmail.com :D. That’s the thing with “your generation.” You don’t know when you need to update your system or just let someone else try.


  1. "All I care is you do your job and I do mine." This is the type of mentality that won’t get Hmong people anywhere, changes are necessary for progress. Questioning ideas and processes are only going to make us better. We are behind other cultures that’s why we have to work harder to catch up or even surpass them. “Remember we are Hmong and if we are a low class we don't need them to proof anything.” I really hate it when people don’t believe in themselves, becoming the best always starts out with belief. We are behind because we never had the resources growing up, not because we are not as smart or a lower class. Like you said we have to give our children the opportunity to become the best they can be and help them strive for more instead of settling for something easy. Being the first generation was hard because we didn't really have any help. We now understand what we can do to help move the community forward. Elders are still very important but we now live in a society where we should shift gears into putting kids first because they are our future. Life here is not about working the fields anymore, it’s very complex now and requires kids to have a lot of attention and encouragement to better succeed. Spending money in the right way is a big deal and being a leader in the community you are influencing future generations. We want to know how the money is being used to benefit the Hmong community because it is super important, it can make a big difference in how we progress here in the united states.


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