I am An Old Soul

This article was sooo accurate about myself.

1. They’re homebodies: I’ve always loved staying home more than anything. I wasn’t into the whole partying every weekend thing, at least when I was in a relationship.  But even when I wasn’t, I didn’t feel the need either. I had more fun staying in and watching a movie. In fact, I need to make a movie review video soon. I have about 10+ to recommend. Maybe I just won’t add the ones not worth watching. Even in college, I wasn’t into that whole partying thing and people saw me as a party pooper, which is ok. Call me weak, I don’t really care and drinking is not my forte.

2. They love the little things: I always tell Josh about the little things he does for me. I mean, I’d love a new canon lense, but it’s the little things that touches my heart more...or should I say melt, because I appeared to have a cold heart before. Even the simple gifts is what gets me, like shampoo and contacts! Those are necessities and they’re expensive!

3. They can be a little bit weird: I don’t even know how to explain this, but I am weird sometimes, especially the way I view things. Sometimes I doubt and ask too many questions...but I just want it to be a smart decision...

4. They are able to connect with you and others very deeply-Old souls don’t really go for superficial acquaintances: For real, I have my family, Josh, and 3 good friends. I’m not a hater; I’ll still have conversations when I see people, but like, I just don’t need 50 friends blowing up my phone, especially freeloaders and people who refuse to do their own research.

5. You find yourself learning a lot from them: I think most people would say that they learn something from me; #teamfaithfultalk all the time and education.

6. They don’t play games: For real. I’ve been told by both sides of the spectrum that I play too hard to get or I’m too nice/leading people on. Uh, I don’t play games. We’re just having a conversation, let me know if you need me to make anything clear. “Games” are a self-fulfilling prophecy, so whatever keeps you alive.

7. They may come off as apathetic: I am so bad with compliments. It doesn’t sound genuine even when I do mean it. I feel like I need to do a speech whenever I say one, so that it’s convincing. LOL, which is why Josh always gets like essays from me hahaha.

8. Their love is unconditional: Yea, I just love because I love. I’m not into bribing, but sure, gifts and donations won’t be rejected. Don't tango alone.

9. They aren’t likely to cheat: Yea, I like a drama-free life. It’s always pretty simple with me. No one can make another person love them.

10. Old souls inspire you to do better: I think most people I’ve met have felt this way especially when I talk about education, they’re like, “Gosh, you’re so passionate about it.” Unfortunately, I am not working in that field; maybe when I’m 40+!

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  1. i'm an old soul myself. number 3 is pretty funny, sometimes we can think a little too deep about something and lose the people you're talking too. lol


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