Eric Casebolt, cop at pool party, should be banned from law enforcement forever

"As of Tuesday afternoon Eric Casebolt is no longer a McKinney police officer."

I want more than that to justify the stupidity and ignorance of this incident. He better have an assault record, pay damages toward the family, and banned from law enforcement forever. He also does not deserve to "keep his pension and benefits" This guy was disgusting and was racially motivated.

I've finally made time to catch up with the cops at the pool party. I only saw clips of the cop holding down the girl, but after watching this whole clip of him going to grab her when she walked away as she was told, he brought her back and wrestled her, and it was sooo intentional on top of the cement too. I am soo disgusted. He really needs to get fire. Even when she was down and didn't make any attempts to attack the cop, he still wrestled her for no reason. He even put his knees on top of her back too, purposely and unnecessary adding weight to it.

I also want to note that the camera person was caucasian, which was revealed on another video. When the cops first arrived, they told everyone to sit down, except the camera guy. And the other older white man there, he wasn't even told to sit down at all. Not once did he ever attacked or yelled at the white kid holding the camera.

Jon Stewart says it best here