How Do I Maintain My Size?

Many people have asked me how I’ve maintained my weight/size over the years. The answer is simple for me, management. I noticed the most drastic changed for girls was sophomore year in high school, which aligns with puberty, so that could be another factor to weight change. But I am not here to talk about the major factors of weight gain or loss. I’m just here to share my story of how I manage my weight. Your weight has to be a lifestyle change, not a short term “beach body” goal before summer. What tends to happen is that you go back to your normal routine because that was just a goal and you reached it or what not.

Lucky me, <---this isn't a challenge. I don't do it for just 7 days, it's a lifestyle and that's my secret to maintaining my size. I probably have alcohol about twice a month, but it's a total of probably 4 cans and 6 shots.

I've always been this size ever since I stopped growing, probably about ages14-16. For some people, this size is a treasure, and for some, it's trash. Whatever your view is, it's your view and I'm not gonna hate you for it. This post is just about how I've maintained my size. These tips are not just for anyone my size or wanting to be my size; it's just healthy habit tips. Take/leave what you want.

Side history: First of all, maybe I do have an advantage of my metabolism. Supposedly it works fast to keep my body size the way it is. I've never actually tested it before, but I do wake up some mornings and get super hungry. I've always kept myself active as a teenager, but it's never too late to start an active lifestyle.

1. Water - I drink and order water at restaurants/fast food 90% of the time. I played soccer in high school and cut soda out of my life since then. I probably drink 1-2 cans per month.

2. Stairs - Take the stairs as often as possible and everywhere you can.

3. Walk - Remember how I was carless in college? Walking to campus was the only reason I had any exercise. That was my blessing in disguise!

4. Workout when you watch tv - Just get down and do some crunches or push ups. If you can do this every night for 10 minutes, that's a good start. I used to watch a whole movie mixing crunches and stepping steps/chair together. That worked my belly and butt :D

5. Limit alcohol intake - Again, fortunately and unfortunately, I am not a professional alcohol consumer. No, don't mistake that for alcoholics. I respect anyone that enjoys alchohol as a daily part of their liquid intake as long as they can afford it, be my guest. I can't drink a lot of beer/liquor, therefore I also don't like beer. In fact, I'll eventually create a mix drink that tastes like Gatorade, because that stuff is good!

6. Portion - You don't have to starve for days to enjoy food. Just watch what you eat. For example, just eat 1 ice cream instead of 2 even if you want 2.

7. Have a size icon - Sure, I'm lucky that I am my size, but I've always had that goal too. Growing up, I ate what the media fed: tall and thin. There was this K-pop girl group that I thought were super cool because they were so much taller than the other girls. SES was like 5'3 and under, but Baby V.O.X were 5'5 +. In my head, I used to think, "I want to look like them when I grow up."

There are many ways to change your size, and some of my ways may not be your style too. Your weight/look can't be a short term goal, it has to be a lifestyle of being, looking, and eating healthy. Remember, you are in control of your life.