Why You Should Buy Plane Tickets From Their Official Site

Sometimes when you buy a flight through a third party, you get some pretty decent deals like "$15 off your flight" with some code. It makes you think you're saving, but you're not (most of the time). I've been looking for a 1 way back when I booked a super awesome deal departing flight two weeks ago and now not having luck due to running on a preferred schedule. But that's the kind of decisions you have to make, do I run on my schedule and pay more or do I save and take a bad time home?

This morning I've put to test for these third party tickets to see if it's worth the promotional "savings" they advertised. You can see the pictures for yourself. I used the same date, time, and airline for each results.

1. I couldn't get the $20 off when you sign-up promo to work, but even $70-$20, it's still $50.
2. This one wasn't that bad. It was only .10 more than the actual flight. If you could rack up points through one site and stay constant/committed to it, it could earn you some goodies.
3. Depending on your situation, you might have to add another $5 if you choose your seat than being randomly assigned.

Next time you book a flight, you'll save more if you use the airlines' site than a third party. Not just that, you can choose where you want to sit for the same price. Third parties don't make that charge clear. Thanks for reading, safe travels now.