I think it's so unfair when you start a relationship with someone and you get the bad end of them, as if you did something wrong to them, but you didn't. It's all the relationship before them that makes them so guarded or what not. Like, what did I do to you?

I also think it's so unfair that after a break up, someone else gets the best of them. You're just like, what did I do? All I needed from you was to get a job to support your hobby and make time for me. And here you are with this new person with a frickin job. Fooh, I was the one that spoiled you and you're giving someone else that feeling other than giving it back to me? You are really dumb, for real. 

This one time I ran into an ex awhile after we broke up and he told me how he got a job and he's on the right track. Then there's this other one who would never leave his nest, but he decided to go beyond his boundaries after we broke up. Lastly, this guy who was fit and active, but the show stopped when we started dating, then it continued after we broke up. Why do they do this to me? I don't know what took them so long, but our time had passed. I don't believe in on and off relationships. If you're going to do it, do it right the first time.

Yes, no one's perfect, but I didn't want or need perfection. I just wanted someone that was alive and cared for me, and they all failed at it. But hey, it's no one's fault I go all in all the time. I just thought I should treat someone the way I want to be treated.

When you love someone...you somehow have these effort and energy out of you to give. The words flow in ways you've never heard. All you can think of when you watch/see something is, "Wow, I can't wait to show him/her this." You wake up unconsciously asking yourself how much more you can give, "What did I do yesterday? How can I make today better?"

It's love when you wake up with them on your mind and the last thing before you sleep. But I've learned that love is about giving to each other endlessly and effortlessly. Why would you hesitate to give your significant other the world? If you find yourself hesitating, it's not love. Let them go. We all deserve someone who gives us the world as much as we give them. Love has to be 100% from both sides.


  1. I think sometimes it takes time and a lot of mistakes to reach that point where you figure out what's really important in a relationship. It's good that they changed because they have learned from their past mistakes and that you were important enough to cause that change in them. The more I think about relationships I have realized that timing is a bigger factor than I orginally thought. if you consider the many types of love, Love is really a general term that many things that you do can somehow relate it or is a part of it.


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