A Day Surfing The Web With Me

For the past 2 days, I’ve been on Craigslist like for hours straight. Today was three hours!

What do I do on Craigslist?

  • Look for used furnitures I don’t use 
  • Look for jobs I can’t take on anymore lol. But I found one that was online, one on weekends, and a lot of delivery drivers. 
  • Look for my next apartment. My place is actually really good for my location. I pay less than $700 for 700sqft and it includes internet, water, and heat. 
If I’m not on Craigslist, then I’m online shopping for everything I don’t need. I seriously have a good set of shoes; nude heels, boots and booties for fall, winter boots, nike slides, and my usual target sandals. That’s only five pairs of shoes and I feel like it’s so much already.

Then I finally make at stop at Bradsdeals.com before I finish my internet session.

But wait, let me check the airline deals! I’ve been dieing to fly somewhere. Oh ok. Nothing. I just saved 100%

Ok, one last thing, the couponing page. Ok. I'll stop surfing!

I need to declutter my closet soon. I’ve been enjoying dresses! All I have to do in the winter and work is wear leggings under and top it with a cardigan. This is always a goal every year. When I was a teenager, I took up my closet and the family bathroom closet! Over time, I got rid of a lot of them.

I need to clean my apartment and do laundry in the next 3+ hours.